Friday, January 30, 2009

Seriously? An Oct.u.plet Post (retitled - not new)

Our transfer is scheduled for Monday at 8:30! Sooooo excited, I'm feeling really good and even had a dream last night that I got to see our baby's heartbeat (I'm taking it as a good sign)!

I wanted to do a little blip about the new Oct.uplet Mom since I do have friends that read and aren't familiar with IVF. If you haven't heard about the oct.uplets then you obviously are living under a rock. ;o) I can guarantee you with 99.99% accuracy that this lady DID NOT do IVF!!! The only way she could have is if her and her RE are total idiots (which I guess is always a possibility). With IVF it is rare for an RE to transfer more than three embryos and eight would be unheard of. We did transfer four one time, that cycle did not work. She either did injections on her own (you can get the meds, trust me) and had intercourse w/o monitoring or she was doing injections and was monitored very irresponsibly by her RE that proceeded to do an IUI or instruct her to have intercourse. My guess is these are NOT IVF babies and no I will not be having oct.uplets (I bet I've been asked that 20 times since the news broke of these babies and no I'm not offended, but I want people to know that IVF does not produce these high-order multiples). The goal of IVF is one, healthy baby.

I'm outta here to go to Rod.ney!!!!! I'll be back though Oh, if for some odd reason you didn't like the fact I made it clear that they are not IVF babies, just save those comments for yoruself or I will delete them. I only play nice on my blog (usually).



The Patterson's said...

Good luck with the transfer!! Yeah for 5 days!!

That is so funny that you mention the octuplets! I just told a friend the same thing....thanks!

Anonymous said...

she has 6 other kids a sperm donor & is on welfare

Michelle said...

My thoughts EXACTLY! I have said the same.

Krysta said...

I agree! It's making me mad that these freaks on tv are saying that it's IVF. No dr in their right mind would do that. CRAZY!!!