Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mental Sticky Note

~ I love when we are walking and Chase grabs my hand with his tiny fingers. He has the softest hands.

~ Chase did NOT like baby food peas at all and would wrinkle his nose in disgust every time we tried to feed them to him. However, he loves peas now and refers to them as, "little fellas." Neither I or his father care for them so I'm not sure where this love for them developed!

~ Chocolate milk is probably Chase's most favorite thing in the world. I think he could live on it alone if he ever had to.

~ Chase refers to Lit.tle Deb.bie Sw.iss Cake Rolls as "Squish Cake Rolls." Cracks me up every time.

**I am grateful for
1) Today's sermon, it reminded me that my fears are not from God, he does not want me to fear. Therefore I shall banish them.
2) beautiful weather
3) grocery shopping done
4) groceries put away
5) cozy blankets


AmandaHoyt said...

Happy Sunday, Kahla!
We had a similar sermon today - Hope for '09 - it began with 1 Samuel 17 (David and Goliath)...
Hope you sleep well tonight and have a great Monday.
Hugs and prayers,