Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saying goodbyes suck.

I hate saying goodbyes, especially those that are the last ones. On Monday, Jeff's cousin, Wade, was healed as he went to be with the Lord. It is not the ending we had prayed for, but it is the ending that had been written to his story long before he was born and that he was meant to have. Wade was one of the kindest, strongest, bravest, and inspiring people that I have ever been blessed with knowing. His faith was unbelievably strong and he made those around him want to be a better person just by knowing him. I am heartbroken for the family and friends that have been left behind, but so thankful that Wade is no longer suffering from his cancer. He was truly a wonderful man that we will miss dearly. Wade was one week older than I am and it really makes you think. I look at his wife and two young children (4 and 6) and I just can't even imagine. Dear God, please watch over them.

Wade Mathew Baker
July 7, 1976 - April 23, 2012

****I am grateful for
1) pictures and videos to remind his sweet children what a wonderful man their father was
2) family and friends to support those left behind
3) healing
4) a beautiful life that touched so many in such a short time
5) every single day, I have to stop taking so much for granted

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thank You Jesus by Emery

When Chase was in Pre-K, he was in a private Christian school and they always sang the blessing before snacks and lunch. To this day he still sings it and now he's taught it to Emery. It just melts my heart! He is such a good big brother and she almost has the whole thing down. Not bad for a 2 1/2 year old, but then again, she had a really good teacher!

****I am grateful for
1) little voices
2) big brothers that teach wonderful things
3) all our blessings
4) things that we remember forever
5) 29 days of school until summer break!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter from our family to yours!

We hope that everyone had a blessed Easter full of family, friends, fun, and remembering the one who sent his only son to save us. I know we did!

***I am grateful for
1) that he loved us enough to send his only son to die, so very amazing
2) a wonderful weekend full of family time
3) lots of eggs for kids to hunt
4) a three day weekend
5) 38 more days of school until summer, yes, I'm counting!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Play Ball!

****I am grateful for
1) all that protective gear!
2) nights at the ball field (these years pass fast)
3) good games, even if we lose
4) the sound of the bat hitting the ball and the smile that always follows
5) a cool breeze on a warm evening