Monday, September 30, 2013

Busy Little Bees

I think I will just accept the fact that I simply can't keep up with it all and blogging is on the back burner... obviously.  Life is just so busy!  Fall Ball has started, Emery is busy with dance (Winter recital is going to be SO cute), school has already been going on for six weeks, you get the picture.  Both Emery and Chase are having a fantastic school year and I'm so thankful.  They love their teachers, have made plenty of friends (and still have the old) and are just overall happy to go most mornings which helps a lot!  This weekend alone we had two birthday parties and we went with family to see the Astros vs. Yankees in Houston.  I think I could use an extra 24 hours in the day and I still wouldn't be able to keep up!  The next week doesn't really have us slowing down any.  Today was dance and baseball, baseball tomorrow, Chase is having to have his toenail removed on Wednesday (he got a staph infection that led to a nasty ingrown toenail, gross, I know), birthday party planning (I can't believe my princess is about to turn 4)... is just goes on and on!  At least I have some cute pics to post!! ;o)  Well, I was going to, but blogger is having nothing to do with it.  Guess I will try again later.

****I am grateful for
1) cooler weather
2) Chase having a great baseball season
3) Emery and dance, so cute and her teacher is awesome
4) six weeks of the school year down... almost
5) naps, I love them

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our Future Sweetheart!

Our school district has a high school dance team called The Sweethearts.  Each year they do a "Future Sweetheart" clinic and this year was the first year Emery was able to go.  Her little friend Rylee has an aunt that is a Sweetheart and had to recruit two girls, so who better than Rylee and Emery!  It was so stinking cute! I was really impressed that she attempted the whole dance (they had ONE practice the night before) and boy does she whip that ponytail around.  I have no doubt she'll be a Sweetheart down the road!!

Now if I could just get Chase to let me get pictures of him, but he's always too busy... sigh.  Gotta love third graders!

****I am grateful for
1) Future Sweethearts
2) dancing
3) sassy girls
4) big brothers that love little sisters (even if they are too busy to have pictures taken)
5) every single memory we make