Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our Future Sweetheart!

Our school district has a high school dance team called The Sweethearts.  Each year they do a "Future Sweetheart" clinic and this year was the first year Emery was able to go.  Her little friend Rylee has an aunt that is a Sweetheart and had to recruit two girls, so who better than Rylee and Emery!  It was so stinking cute! I was really impressed that she attempted the whole dance (they had ONE practice the night before) and boy does she whip that ponytail around.  I have no doubt she'll be a Sweetheart down the road!!

Now if I could just get Chase to let me get pictures of him, but he's always too busy... sigh.  Gotta love third graders!

****I am grateful for
1) Future Sweethearts
2) dancing
3) sassy girls
4) big brothers that love little sisters (even if they are too busy to have pictures taken)
5) every single memory we make