Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This just totally happened!

Time needs to slow down!!

****I am grateful for
1) toothless grins
2) milestones
3) happy little girls
4) the toothfairy
5) time

Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day, a little late!

As usual, time is flying and life is busy!  I wish I had spectacular Valentine's Day photos, but apparently I didn't get any.  None the less, we had a wonderful weekend full of love and family time.

Baseball is starting back up tomorrow, so with that two nights a week on top of gymnastics and dance, life is about to get even crazier again.  I feel like I meet myself coming and going!

Tomorrow we have Parent Night at the middle school Chase will be going to next year, how is that even possible?! My oldest baby is growing up and it makes my heart a little sad.  Wednesday he goes to Bobcat Camp and he is super excited.  They get to learn how to do lockers, meet the principals/staff, and then tour the school  He is so excited and as much as my heart hurts, I'm very excited for him!

My co-workers gave me a beautiful baby shower for Phoebe last week and we were beyond blessed with so many goodies.  Things are slowly coming together and it starting to look like we'll have a baby soon!  I have my next growth ultrasound on Thursday and we are excited to learn how big she has gotten. Saturday we are having a Baby Sprinkle with a small group of family and friends, which will be fun.  I really can't believe how close are getting to welcoming our newest addition. They tell us that 39 weeks is the limit and I'm 36 weeks and 4 days today... yikes!  I will say that Chase and Emery can't wait for Phoebe to get here, which makes my heart really, really happy!

***I am grateful for
1) 36 uneventful weeks
2) beautiful weather (I'm thinking our mild winter is over)
3) new recliners, just in time for new baby
4) to-do lists and crossing things off those to-do lists!
5) weekends, I LOVE weekends