Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Doggy Paddling

12 meetings in 1 week.  Think I have the doggy paddling thing down pat.  Oh well, still beats last year!!

****I am grateful for...
1) a year that's better than last year no matter how overwhelmed I am!
2) hump day
3) my kids, drive me crazy, but I love them just the same.
4) ice cold sweet tea with the "good" ice.
5) less than 90 days until Disney World at Christmas time!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hanging on by a thread!

Oh my, has it seriously been two weeks since I last posted??? Yikes! All I can say is the first 6 weeks back to school are a doozy and I'm do good just to keep my head above water. I guess I'll just have to bullet point post.

* Chase did great on the first day of school and is absolutely loving his teacher. I am so glad I chose to put him in her class. He has made new friends and says it is "awesome." This is such a huge relief for me! We had one incident with a bully the first week of school, but his teacher nipped in the bud immediately and things have been fine since. Did I mention he loves his teacher?

* Baseball starts back up this week. Ack, one more thing to add to our crazy schedule!

* Emery has now had three dance classes and loves it. She cracks me up in her tap shoes because she stomps so hard I'm surprised there isn't a hole in the floor! There are six little girls in her class and she is next to the youngest (one is a month younger than her, but a lot bigger than her). They are so stinking cute that I can hardly stand it!

* I am pretty overwhelmed at work right now. I am loving being back in first, still love my administration, and am very happy with our move, but I miss my friends and my comfort zone (not that you could pay me to go back to that miserable environment). We are having to lots of new stuff this year and all of my friends on other campuses feel as overwhelmed as I do. While I hate that they are feeling the stress, I'm glad to know that it's not just me. I know things will get better and I'll get my feet under me, it'll just take time.

* Jeff is still enjoying his job, which I'm thankful for. There's pros and cons, but that is to be expected.

* We are at less than 100 days until Disney World, kids are SO excited! I think with all the holidays and things going on between now and then, that the time will fly by.

* It's been a year now (Sept. 3rd) since my grandfather passed away. We all miss him so much. Hard to believe it's been a year. :o(

* Emery had her recheck Friday to see if we would need to go ahead and schedule surgery on her ear to clean and replace her tube. I am thankful to say that there were no signs of infection and her tube is working as it should. Praise God!!!

* We are thinking of getting a kitten for Emery. One minute I think yes, the next I think no. Not sure what will happen just yet. Waiting for a sign to tell me either way... ha!

Have to go get a few things done for tomorrow (we have lots of meetings at this school), hoping everyone is doing well and that I can get caught up on blogs soon!

****I am grateful for
1) cooler temps, praise God for the cool front
2) getting my feet under me... it'll happen with time
3) Chase being happy at his new school!
4) Being back in first!
5) Less than 100 days until Disney!