Monday, April 26, 2010

Princess Emery is 6 months, 2 weeks old!

Sweet Princess Emery,

Today you are 6 months and 2 weeks old!! You are growing every single day and I can tell you are very proud of all the things you are learning to do. You can now sit, unassisted, for long stretches of time while you play. You are also trying to crawl and I have a feeling that once you start, there will be no stopping you!!

You are really starting to notice things that your brother has and 9 times out of 10, you think they are way cool and want them. He is not very fond of that at all. I think for the first time yesterday, we had the first of many arguments to come over the years! He was coloring and you wanted the paper. I'm sure you can see how that played out!

We had your 6 months pictures taken on Saturday and I think they are going to turn out wonderful!!! Of course we all know you are very photogenic and there has never been a bad picture taken of you. ;o) These pictures are ones that your Daddy took, I think he did a great job and I love the one on top where we can see your two bottom teeth. You are so stinkin' cute!!! However, you are more than just cute and I always want you to remember that. You are smart and sweet and have a good soul. Don't ever let yourself be defined by your looks baby girl!!

You have now been fighting that ear infection for a week and I noticed you were pulling on both ears a lot. You haven't been cranky or running a fever, but I was still worried so I had Daddy take you back to the Dr. this afternoon. Unfortunately your right ear doesn't look any better and now your left ear is infected too. :o( To top it off you also have thrush thanks to the antibiotics. So we're on to a different antibiotic and thrush meds. Hopefully this will kick it to curb! I'd also like to mention that while Daddy was backing out of the parking space, he backed into a car that was parked behind him (illegally, but parked just the same). So, I guess you've now officially been in your first accident too.

Love you a zillion times over baby girl!


***I am grateful for:
1) 6 months and 2 awesome weeks!
2) health care that's available to us
3) wonderful pictures
4) beautiful scenery
5) under 30 days of school left until summer and I'm home w/the kids!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My top 10 favorite things about having a son!

First let me say that having a son is awesome! Having Chase as my son just makes it even sweeter. Here are my top 10 favorite things about having a son:

10) the things he says
9) Momma's boy
8) snakes and snails and puppy dog tails
7) you are their favorite person
6) so affectionate
5) makes an awesome big brother
4) reminds me of his Daddy
3) freckles
2) he always makes me laugh

and my top favorite thing about having a boy....

1) You are always a princess in their eyes!

I love you Chaserooskies!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Emery is not a fan of Bluebonnets yet and would freak out any time we tried to sit her on them by herself. She was OK w/big brother holding her, but was tired and wouldn't smile for anything. They still turned out OK I guess. We might try one more time if we get a chance before they start fading away. I so love these beautiful flowers and these two beautiful kids!

~ Kahla

***I am grateful for

1) Bluebonnets, so beautiful, my favorites!

2) Texas wildflowers in general (too bad they aren't year round, but then again, my we appreciate them more since they are here such a short time)

3) the rain to help these awesome flowers grow

4) Big brothers to hold little sisters so they don't totally lose it!

5) adventures

Monday, April 19, 2010

Princess Emery is 6 months 1 week old!

Princess Emery,

Look who's a big girl now in her big girl carseat! I seriously can't believe you are big enough for us to move you out of your infant carrier, but you are. In fact, not only are you big enough, you pretty much insisted on it every time we put you in it. You were tired of being in close quarters and were ready to move on up. Of course we went for the and the cowmooflage once again, but only the best/safest for my baby girl (yes, I know they are all safe, but this is what we like the best and feel the safest in)! You still protest a little when we buckle you in, but I really think you just have a mind of your own and don't like being confined. Really, who can blame you? In the long run, look at that smile - I say baby likes!!

You went to a birthday party on Saturday and were quite the party animal. OK, maybe you snuck a little nap in, but you did enjoy being out and about when you were awake. I absolutely adore your chubby cheeks and you look so precious when you are asleep... and awake for that matter.
Today you had your six month check up and you are doing great! You are up to 17.2 pounds (50-75%) and 26 inches long (90%). You are getting so big! Here is your token band aide shot below. They actually gave your shots a little on the outside so you can really only see one of the band aides here. You still are NOT a fan of shots (neither are Mommy and Daddy). On the down note, you have your third ear infection. It's your right ear again too, just like last time. You had been congested a little and they told us to wait and just get it checked when we came in today. They think the cold is actually the culprit of the ear infection as you showed no other signs. No fever, no pulling on your ear, not cranky. Looks like you are following in your brother's footsteps on this. :o( Needless to say from here on out anytime you get a "cold" we'll be going in to get your ears checked. I'm afraid that tubes will be in your future my sweet baby girl.

I still really can't believe how fast time is going. You are such a blessing my precious little girl and I'm so thankful to have you in our lives. You and your brother were so worth the waits, but I have say that I'm glad the waiting is over and you're in my arms now!

I love you with all I am Emery and I always will,
~ Mommy

***I am grateful for
1) antibiotics to get Emery's ear infection taken care of
2) a pedi I trust
3) 6 months shots are over!
4) Monday is over, only 5 more Mondays of school left (because we are off Memorial Day)!
5) a delicious dinner

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ummm, pardon me, but do I have something on my face?

Little Princess likes her some food!

And this picture totally cracks me up, because this is typical Chase! LOVE IT!

~ Kahla

****I am grateful for
1) dinner time (usually)
2) big, gummy smiles
3) messes, or the kiddos responsible for the messes
4) silly boys
5) that few minutes of quite in the evenings after a long day

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mommy and Chase time!

Wednesday night Chase and Mommy had a date night to go see Dis.ney on I.ce. We've seen several different ice shows and have enjoyed them all, this one was no different. As an added bonus Mads and Alisa joined us, along with Nana and Cathy. Thanks for the tickets Duchess, wish you would have been with us!

***I am grateful
1) one-on-one time w/Chase
2) those big smiles
3) family and friends to do fun things with
4) Duchess' gift of the tickets
5) cameras to capture these moments!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm pretty sure it's a sign that you're too tired when...

two times in less than two weeks you end up at work with two different shoes on. Not saying this happened to me or anything, but if it did then I would say it was because 1) they looked a lot alike, 2) they were both the same brand of tennis shoes, 3) they were close in color, and 4) I am really, really tired. You know, IF this had happened to me. ;o) (At least no one noticed... heck, I didn't even notice until I got home the first time and the second time I didn't notice until recess in the afternoon. Let's just say the two pairs are now separated so it won't happen again.)

***I am grateful for
1) shoes
2) my reasons for being tired
3) little things that go unnoticed!
4) thunderstorms
5) fresh cut grass

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sweet Princess Emery is 6 months old!!!

Sweet Princess Emery,

Today you are six months old, half a year. It feels like just yesterday that you came into this world, just a tiny, beautiful baby girl. Like I just held you in my arms for the very first time and looked into your beautiful blue eyes. Yet, it wasn't just yesterday anymore. Time is going too fast, you are growing too fast. Every day you hit new milestones and it makes me so happy and so sad at the same time. I wish I could bottle these times up for the future because I know they all too soon, they will be just a memory.

You are now able to completely sit on your own for several minutes at a time. You actually do really well until something gets your attention that you decide you want. Then you usually end up reaching for it, which causes you to loose your balance and topple over. Totally adorable.

You can easily get to where you want to go by rolling and nothing is too far for you. You are really trying to get your legs up under you for crawling, but you don't have it mastered just yet. You do manage to push on the ground with your feet and scoot your body several inches though. I'm always totally impressed.

You are doing so well with eating and many times we can't get your food in your mouth fast enough. You've got a little bit of a temper and that is usually when it shows up (well, then and when you aren't getting your way or what you want). You try to feed yourself, but end up gagging yourself so we don't let you do it just yet.

We took you to the Bluebonnets for the first time (more pics to come) and while you were fine sitting on your big brother's lap, you wanted nothing to do with them by yourself. The picture below is the best we got of you all alone, the rest you were screaming in... hysterically!

There are so many things I want to tell you and that I want to put on here so I remember, but most importantly I want you to know that you have blessed me so much by being my daughter. You make my days brighter and my smiles bigger. You and your brother are more wonderful than I ever imagined. My life would never be complete without you sweet baby girl, please always know that.

I love you Princess.


****I am grateful for
1) six unbelievable months
2) my Princess
3) true love
4) the little things that make people smile
5) being a Mommy

***The picture above is of our RE, Dr. Gill, and Emery. Without the help of Dr. Gill we wouldn't have either of our miracles. This picture is priceless to us and we wanted to share!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I hope...

that years from now, when they are older, they will still look at each other this way.

~ Kahla

****I am grateful for
1) loving looks
2) admiration
3) big brothers
4) little sisters
5) a love like no other

Monday, April 5, 2010

Princess Emery is 25 weeks old!

Sweet Princess Emery,

Today you are 25 weeks old, only one more week until you are six months! How did that happen so quickly??? I look at you and you seem to be growing every single day, it amazes me.

This week you made a huge accomplishment, you can now sit on your own like a big girl! Sure it doesn't always last very long because you'll lose your balance and topple over, but it's cute while it lasts! You are very proud of yourself too. Such a cutie.

We also celebrated your first Easter and you looked adorable! You didn't actually get to hunt for eggs, but you sure enjoyed watching your big brother hunt for them. You also liked playing with all of your cousins. You think they are hilarious and can't wait to get down and run with them.

We love you Sweet Emery!

~ Mommy

***I am grateful for
1) tiny toenails
2) big girls
3) sitting up
4) belly laughs
5) my Little Princess

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter!

~ The Larsons

****We are grateful for
1) egg hunts
2) cousins
3) coloring Easter eggs
4) days off
5) Jesus

Look what the Easter Bunny brought!

Happy Easter to all!


****I am grateful for
1) Easter
2) Jesus died for me
3) a wonderful service at church
4) extra time with family
5) goodies

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our Angels

Today would have been the twins' first birthday had they arrived on their due date. I miss them every single minute of every single day. I think about them, wonder about them. Who would they have looked like, what would their personalities be? But I know had they arrived we would not have our sweet Emery. It's bittersweet. I'd give anything to have not lost the twins, but I could never imagine life without our sweet baby girl. It breaks my heart into two to know I could never have had both.

We miss you sweet babies and will never, ever forget you. You will always be a part of me and always in my heart.

~ Mommy

****I am grateful for
1) knowing that my babies are safe in heaven
2) guardian angels, I believe they exist and Chase and Emery have theirs watching over them
3) fond memories
4) strength
5) Emery and Chase, they make heartbreak easier to handle