Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ridin' along in my automobile...

my baby beside me at the wheel.

These three crack me up. Molly because I mean really, what dog puts up with this kind of torture? Honestly, I think she enjoys it. I can't say how much we love that bulldog, she is one of a kind. We are so blessed to have her. Not only does she tolerate everything the kids do (she has never even so much as growled in their direction) she makes a great nanny. Really! At night, she goes to bed w/Chase and then stays up in his room with him until he goes to sleep. Then she comes down to finish off the evening with us. She is pure awesomeness.

Chase because he is just funny. He's a really good big brother too. Watch and you'll see him stop to adjust her airbag (a.k.a. pillowpet) in case she goes forward too hard. He was so excited to have her ride with him and even let her control the radio... part of the time.

Emery because she is just doing so many new things every day. She wanted to ride in this truck so bad. We were hesitant just because it can be jerky with the starting and stopping, but we seat-belted her in a took a chance. I'm so glad we did because they had a great time. She giggled and talked the whole time they were in it. She even waves goodbye at one point without me prompting her... too cute!

These are the things that make the hard days worth it. I so needed the smiles this evening!

****I am grateful for
1) super awesome fantastic weather!
2) the monster truck
3) our super awesome fantastic Molly Dog
4) new adventures
5) joy rides ;o)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Little Tinkerbell

We have gone round and round about what Emery should be for Halloween. Her first Halloween she was just a couple of weeks old, so this is almost like her first Halloween. I had thought a ladybug even before she was born, then we saw a cute witch and debated on that. However, the minute Tinkerbell came into the picture, Jeff was sure that was it because after all Tinkerbell is a blond so it's like it was meant to be. So, Tinkerbell she'll be! Here is a sneak preview of her in her costume. I ordered her wings and wand (although now that I've seen them, they would be so easy to make if you have the time) and I made the outfit. We are still waiting on her bow (it's in the works) and I'm going to add a ribbon to the top to tie around her neck. I can't believe how cute she is and will share another picture when it's complete. Until then, let me introduce our Little Tinkerbell!

She just squeals with delight when she's dressed in and I think she really likes it. In fact, I think we definitely have a girly girl on our hands!!!!

****I am grateful for
1) girly girls
2) holidays
3) costumes
4) little squeals of delight
5) Tinkerbell!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween Pants!

I saw these pants out and about and couldn't believe the prices so I figured I'd try it out for myself. Sure enough, took about 10 minutes (if that) and are super cute! Under $10 too! Princess E is gonna be the cutest dressed kid around! Now if I could just find some purple fringe I'd have it made!

****I am grateful for
1) easy sewing projects
2) cute ideas
3) holidays are coming
4) adorable clothes
5) a cute little princess to play dress up with!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

At least they come by it honestly...

My son

My niece

My mother

Yep, at least they come by it naturally and I wouldn't have it any other way. What a totally cool Duchess these kids have!

****I am grateful
1) Duchess
2) silly times
3) goobery kids
4) candy eye balls because really, they ARE awesome
5) fun evenings with family

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Joys of Boys!

Scene: Trying to get into a parking space so we can actually be somewhere on time, which is a small miracle in our household lately! The people leaving the car next to where we are trying to park are taking their sweet time and pretty much just look lost to the world.

Jeff: "What is wrong with these people?"
Chase: "They are probably aliens!!!"
Car: Full of hysterical laughter.

Boy I love that kid!

****I am grateful for
1) little boys
2) funny moments
3) innocent comments
4) great imaginations
5) laughter

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's your name?

I think that picking your child's name is one of the most important things a parent will ever do because let's face it, they are going to be stuck with that name their entire life. Unless they get all big britches on you and decide to change it when they are older, but by then the damage is done. ;o)

Kahla is pronounced, KAH-la or like Kayla since I really have no clue if I did that first pronunciation example correctly. Growing up in the 80's you never heard the name Kahla. I think during my Pk-12 year schooling I knew one other girl name Kayla, but even then it was spelled different. I've always liked my name and I think my parents did good picking it out. Used to I would get a lot of mispronunciations, but now Kayla is such a common name that that rarely happens anymore. Of course I never found premade stuff with my name on it, but that never bothered me so it really wasn't a big deal. And, I have gotten always comments on how pretty my name was, how different it is, and have probably explained the situation a million times, but it still never gets old. ;o)

An anonymous commenter (who is very smart I might add) left me a comment yesterday to tell me that there was a town in Germany and a porcelain company that shared my name, Kahla. That commenter is exactly right! Kahla just happens to be a family name and I bet you'll never guess where my ancestors were from. Yep, Kahla, Germany! My grandmother, that watches the Princess, married out of the name and my mother knew when she had a daughter she would use it. In the end it was decided that I would be named Kahla, after my great-grandmother, which I think was perfect. I actually have a beautiful porcelain plate with the Kahla Castle on it tucked safely away. Heck, I'm probably royalty and we don't even know it! ;o)

I wish the anonymous had left their name or something because I was totally impressed that they knew about Kahla, but since they didn't, I hope they come back to see this post. Maybe it's because my name is unique that I love Chase and Emery's names so much. You just don't hear them often, but they aren't off the wall bizarre. Chase's middle name is after his grandfather and Emery's name we just fell in love with. Hopefully they'll like their names as much as I like mine.

So, how did ya'll come up with names or get yours. I always find that stuff totally interesting. Jeff was almost a Julius Bluitt... ha, can you imagine?

****I am grateful for
1) unique names
2) history
3) smart commenters
4) that the work week is only five days long, guess it could be worse
5) a good nap this afternoon, yay for Jeff taking over kiddo duty

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Cutting molars sucks. Then End

****I am grateful for
1) Re.ese's peanut butter pumpkins (my downfall)
2) even teething shall pass
3) unhappy baby usually results in more cuddle time which is nice
4) little hair sprouts
5) Saturdays, one of my favorite days of the week!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Princess Emery is 11 months old!

Sweet Princess Emery,

Today you are 11 months old, just typing those words make me want to cry. I can't believe that in a month we'll be celebrating your birthday, it's absolutely crazy! These have been hands-down some of the best times of my life and I would have to say that my most favorite thing in the world is watching you and your brother play. Oh how it makes my heart flutter to hear those giggles shared between the two of you. You have once again grown by leaps and bounds over the past four weeks.

You are a busy little girl and very smart. You have mastered looking innocent and then instantly doing something you shouldn't when we least expect it. We are on our toes constantly. Your brother makes a great Emery Catcher for us and you think it's quite funny. I'm pretty sure you're making a plan in this picture.

You have the most beautiful blue eyes and everyone comments on them. We do not go out without being stopped by someone to tell us how pretty you are followed by a comment on your eyes.

You are on the move constantly. Picture taking is becoming a challenge and this is what most of our sessions look like. Even with our awesome camera, you are gone before I can get the picture. Busy, busy, busy! (ignore my messy house... it happens!) You are a pro-walker now. Of course with walking comes lots of bumps and bruises... not really liking that part.

You love your brother and he loves you. If he's on the floor, you are on him... poor kid doesn't stand a chance. He is extremely tolerable of you too and thinks it's funny for you to attack him. He didn't even holler when you attempted to take a chunk out of his side. He just gets a little irritated when you drool on him, but who can blame him! ;o) Best thing is when he's not wanting to wake up in the morning we can take you in his room, put you on his bed, and you crawl right on top of him. Gets him up and playing with you every time!

You also adore Molly and just like with Chase, she's pretty fond of you. She's also pretty fond of when you decide to share your food with her or let her lick you in the face. Totally gross, but makes you laugh and I figure you're only little once. You try so hard to say her name, I have a feeling it's coming in full force any day. If you are cranky, we can say, "where's Molly" and 9 times out of 10 you are perked up and looking for her.

Your brother told me the other day he wished you were still little so he could hold you like he used to. I think he's still doing pretty good even though you have grown. Doesn't bother you any!

You are getting hair and it's beautiful. We can do a sprout on top and pigtails now. You aren't really fond of us doing the actual hairdo, but you look so stinkin' cute when it's done! And you are starting to get some curls. In fact, you're hair is long enough that you can actually get bedhead now! Crazy how exciting bedhead makes me!!!

Oh my sweet little princess you have brought so much joy into our lives and I am so very thankful for the opportunity to be your mother.

I love you Emery!
~ Mommy

****I am grateful for
1) 11 wonderful months that I am so thankful for!
2) the cooler weather that will eventually come
3) toothless smiles
4) birthday planning ideas
5) downtime in the evening

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tooth Fairy Pillows (and putting it to good use)

Last weekend I whipped up a tooth fairy pillow for my cousin's little girl and decided that they were pretty darn easy to make. That being said I decided to start selling them for $10.00 each and got an order for three. Since I had those three, plus one for my niece and one for Chase, today was spent sewing. If you are interested in one then "like" The Pink Bulldog on Face.book and you can see all the available fabrics and message me there. :o)

The three for my order

Mad's Pillow (Chase picked out her material)
Chase's New Pillow (Front)

Chase's Pillow (back)

Tinkerbell Tooth Pillow

Zebra/Hot Pink Tooth Pillow

Frog Fairy Tooth Pillow (this was like my cousin's little girls)
Of course, since Chase got his new pillow today, he decided to put it to good use tonight by losing tooth #2!! Guess I got that pillow done just in time! ;o) He was so excited to lose it, but a little sad it didn't happen at school. Such are the worries of a five year old!!!

I look totally exhausted in this pic (and I am), but look how darn cute he is with that toothless grin!!

***I am grateful for
1) toothless grins
2) new pillows
3) orders to help w/the Disney Fund
4) weekends, this was one long week
5) my bed, pretty sure it is calling my name

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Princess Emery's 1st Birthday Invite

Totally, completely in love with this invitation!!!!! MommiesInk did it and had it done in less that 15 hours after I sent all the information, now that's what I'm talking about. If you're looking for announcements or invites, go check her out (and no, I was not paid, just think she did a great job). Tell her I sent you too as she is starting a referral program. :o)

****I am grateful for
1) talents
2) quick proofs of Emery's invite
3) the invite, it is AWESOME
4) HumpDay - one day closer to the weekend
5) playtime

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So far behind I feel like I'm in first place!

I feel like I have a million things to do and never enough time to do it and it seems that blogging has been one of them lately. Oops! I know, you've heard it before and I'm sure you'll hear it again. Life has been busy. Always is this time of year. So, let's backtrack and catch up.

Nothing too terribly exciting going on really. We had company this weekend which was nice. Chase almost landed himself in the hospital which was not nice (more on that in a second). Three day weekend which was nice. Tuesday that felt like a Monday not so nice. See a pattern? ;o)

Back to Chase. Texas weather is crazy. What's that saying, "if you don't like the weather then just wait a minute and it'll change." So true. Anyway, we are pretty sure that Chase's asthma is allergy induced as we only have issues around this time of year or if he's already sick. Thanks to the lovely tropical storm blowing into south Texas/Northern Mexico our weather has been even crazier than normal. Towards the end of last week he started sounding a little congested, snotty, and with that uh-oh here comes that time of year cough. Friday he woke up and just didn't seem like his normal self. By Friday evening it was apparent something was not right because he really didn't want to eat or play or do anything for that matter. That night the wet, thick cough and the wheezing started. Emery was a pretty snotty too so off the three of us went to our pedi's satellite clinic on Saturday morning.

They checked Emery first and said she had a cold and there was nothing more we could do than what we already were and commented that he probably had the same thing. Started checking him and it got crazy fast. The doctor said that his lungs did not sound good and he was extremely wheezy. Started talking about hospital and then it kinda all just ran together. Long story short his oxygen level was at 96 (97 is considered borderline normal) and they did not like that. Gave him an inhaler treatment and decided it opened his lungs up some, but not enough to satisfy. Let us not go in the hospital but put him on the inhaler, nebulizer and an oral steroid. Let's just say he is a wildchild from the meds and I'm about to loose my ever-loving mind! Pedi said today that he has to stay on the inhaler for the next week every four hours, that we can discontinue the oral steroid after Thursday morning (praise the Lord!), and to use the nebulizer if he started sounding tight again. However, after our school nurse listened to him when he was getting his inhaler treatment she said she feels like he needs the nebulizer, so I guess we'll be sticking with that too for now. Stupid crazy Texas weather, I totally blame you for all of this! Monday he goes in for an asthma med check... poor kid will never be able to get the flu nasal mist. *sigh*

He also told me that on Friday he couldn't run in PE anymore because he couldn't breathe. How do I get him to understand that when this happens he HAS to tell us right away? That is so scary to me. We now have a backup inhaler at school in case of emergencies! Here's my little guy totally unhappy about having to go back on nebulizer treatments. Cuts into his play time! (phone photos so poor quality, but you get the idea)

Molly and Emery help pass the time

Molly gettin' some lovin' in there
Chase also had his first homework assignment today. Actually they give several things and then it's due on Friday. He insisted on doing all but one page today. Hope he's this excited about homework three years from now! Notice his Starbucks? It's really non-hot hot chocolate, but he describes is as, "the best coffee EVAH!"

I have a ton to do before bed, so I should run I suppose. I took some pics of the princess I need to share, plus I just got her 1st birthday invite in and it's freaking awesome! Perhaps that's a good post for tomorrow.

****I am grateful for
1) Mommy's intuition to go into the dr, kept us out of the hospital!
2) excitement over homework, rock on
3) access to our great school nurse
4) meds to make little guy better
5) four days weeks!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

When I need it the most

Some days when I'm totally exhausted and overwhelmed with all that's on my plate I come across a picture that just makes me smile. Almost as good at the real things! ;o)

I love teaching 99% of the time, but the first couple of months are just so hard. Long days, frustrating moments, tons of work. I seriously put in enough overtime at the beginning of the year that I totally deserve summer off. This year is proving that it's going to especially difficult and I'm not looking forward to it at all. I'm hoping next year I'll get back down into a lower grade. *sigh* Smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

****I am grateful for
1) tomorrow is Friday!
2) three day weekend!
3) Chase is having a great year in kinder so far
4) we are supposed to get some rain and boy to we need it
5) my angels