Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So far behind I feel like I'm in first place!

I feel like I have a million things to do and never enough time to do it and it seems that blogging has been one of them lately. Oops! I know, you've heard it before and I'm sure you'll hear it again. Life has been busy. Always is this time of year. So, let's backtrack and catch up.

Nothing too terribly exciting going on really. We had company this weekend which was nice. Chase almost landed himself in the hospital which was not nice (more on that in a second). Three day weekend which was nice. Tuesday that felt like a Monday not so nice. See a pattern? ;o)

Back to Chase. Texas weather is crazy. What's that saying, "if you don't like the weather then just wait a minute and it'll change." So true. Anyway, we are pretty sure that Chase's asthma is allergy induced as we only have issues around this time of year or if he's already sick. Thanks to the lovely tropical storm blowing into south Texas/Northern Mexico our weather has been even crazier than normal. Towards the end of last week he started sounding a little congested, snotty, and with that uh-oh here comes that time of year cough. Friday he woke up and just didn't seem like his normal self. By Friday evening it was apparent something was not right because he really didn't want to eat or play or do anything for that matter. That night the wet, thick cough and the wheezing started. Emery was a pretty snotty too so off the three of us went to our pedi's satellite clinic on Saturday morning.

They checked Emery first and said she had a cold and there was nothing more we could do than what we already were and commented that he probably had the same thing. Started checking him and it got crazy fast. The doctor said that his lungs did not sound good and he was extremely wheezy. Started talking about hospital and then it kinda all just ran together. Long story short his oxygen level was at 96 (97 is considered borderline normal) and they did not like that. Gave him an inhaler treatment and decided it opened his lungs up some, but not enough to satisfy. Let us not go in the hospital but put him on the inhaler, nebulizer and an oral steroid. Let's just say he is a wildchild from the meds and I'm about to loose my ever-loving mind! Pedi said today that he has to stay on the inhaler for the next week every four hours, that we can discontinue the oral steroid after Thursday morning (praise the Lord!), and to use the nebulizer if he started sounding tight again. However, after our school nurse listened to him when he was getting his inhaler treatment she said she feels like he needs the nebulizer, so I guess we'll be sticking with that too for now. Stupid crazy Texas weather, I totally blame you for all of this! Monday he goes in for an asthma med check... poor kid will never be able to get the flu nasal mist. *sigh*

He also told me that on Friday he couldn't run in PE anymore because he couldn't breathe. How do I get him to understand that when this happens he HAS to tell us right away? That is so scary to me. We now have a backup inhaler at school in case of emergencies! Here's my little guy totally unhappy about having to go back on nebulizer treatments. Cuts into his play time! (phone photos so poor quality, but you get the idea)

Molly and Emery help pass the time

Molly gettin' some lovin' in there
Chase also had his first homework assignment today. Actually they give several things and then it's due on Friday. He insisted on doing all but one page today. Hope he's this excited about homework three years from now! Notice his Starbucks? It's really non-hot hot chocolate, but he describes is as, "the best coffee EVAH!"

I have a ton to do before bed, so I should run I suppose. I took some pics of the princess I need to share, plus I just got her 1st birthday invite in and it's freaking awesome! Perhaps that's a good post for tomorrow.

****I am grateful for
1) Mommy's intuition to go into the dr, kept us out of the hospital!
2) excitement over homework, rock on
3) access to our great school nurse
4) meds to make little guy better
5) four days weeks!!


Amanda Hoyt said...

I tried to comment once before, but it must have gotten eaten by blogger :(
I'm praying for Chase!
Also, I have been a bad blogger and am just now seeing your new design! So nice - I LOVE it!!!
Love, hugs and prayers,

Stacy E. said...

Feel better soon Chase! And keep rockin' that homwork!

Aunt Stacy