Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tooth Fairy Pillows (and putting it to good use)

Last weekend I whipped up a tooth fairy pillow for my cousin's little girl and decided that they were pretty darn easy to make. That being said I decided to start selling them for $10.00 each and got an order for three. Since I had those three, plus one for my niece and one for Chase, today was spent sewing. If you are interested in one then "like" The Pink Bulldog on and you can see all the available fabrics and message me there. :o)

The three for my order

Mad's Pillow (Chase picked out her material)
Chase's New Pillow (Front)

Chase's Pillow (back)

Tinkerbell Tooth Pillow

Zebra/Hot Pink Tooth Pillow

Frog Fairy Tooth Pillow (this was like my cousin's little girls)
Of course, since Chase got his new pillow today, he decided to put it to good use tonight by losing tooth #2!! Guess I got that pillow done just in time! ;o) He was so excited to lose it, but a little sad it didn't happen at school. Such are the worries of a five year old!!!

I look totally exhausted in this pic (and I am), but look how darn cute he is with that toothless grin!!

***I am grateful for
1) toothless grins
2) new pillows
3) orders to help w/the Disney Fund
4) weekends, this was one long week
5) my bed, pretty sure it is calling my name


Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

Kahla, I love it!!! Great job!!!

M and M Mommy said...


M and M Mommy said...

PS-I love your b-day invites too!! Where DID the last year go already!?