Sunday, September 12, 2010

Princess Emery is 11 months old!

Sweet Princess Emery,

Today you are 11 months old, just typing those words make me want to cry. I can't believe that in a month we'll be celebrating your birthday, it's absolutely crazy! These have been hands-down some of the best times of my life and I would have to say that my most favorite thing in the world is watching you and your brother play. Oh how it makes my heart flutter to hear those giggles shared between the two of you. You have once again grown by leaps and bounds over the past four weeks.

You are a busy little girl and very smart. You have mastered looking innocent and then instantly doing something you shouldn't when we least expect it. We are on our toes constantly. Your brother makes a great Emery Catcher for us and you think it's quite funny. I'm pretty sure you're making a plan in this picture.

You have the most beautiful blue eyes and everyone comments on them. We do not go out without being stopped by someone to tell us how pretty you are followed by a comment on your eyes.

You are on the move constantly. Picture taking is becoming a challenge and this is what most of our sessions look like. Even with our awesome camera, you are gone before I can get the picture. Busy, busy, busy! (ignore my messy house... it happens!) You are a pro-walker now. Of course with walking comes lots of bumps and bruises... not really liking that part.

You love your brother and he loves you. If he's on the floor, you are on him... poor kid doesn't stand a chance. He is extremely tolerable of you too and thinks it's funny for you to attack him. He didn't even holler when you attempted to take a chunk out of his side. He just gets a little irritated when you drool on him, but who can blame him! ;o) Best thing is when he's not wanting to wake up in the morning we can take you in his room, put you on his bed, and you crawl right on top of him. Gets him up and playing with you every time!

You also adore Molly and just like with Chase, she's pretty fond of you. She's also pretty fond of when you decide to share your food with her or let her lick you in the face. Totally gross, but makes you laugh and I figure you're only little once. You try so hard to say her name, I have a feeling it's coming in full force any day. If you are cranky, we can say, "where's Molly" and 9 times out of 10 you are perked up and looking for her.

Your brother told me the other day he wished you were still little so he could hold you like he used to. I think he's still doing pretty good even though you have grown. Doesn't bother you any!

You are getting hair and it's beautiful. We can do a sprout on top and pigtails now. You aren't really fond of us doing the actual hairdo, but you look so stinkin' cute when it's done! And you are starting to get some curls. In fact, you're hair is long enough that you can actually get bedhead now! Crazy how exciting bedhead makes me!!!

Oh my sweet little princess you have brought so much joy into our lives and I am so very thankful for the opportunity to be your mother.

I love you Emery!
~ Mommy

****I am grateful for
1) 11 wonderful months that I am so thankful for!
2) the cooler weather that will eventually come
3) toothless smiles
4) birthday planning ideas
5) downtime in the evening


Stacy E. said...

Happy 11 months Ms. Emery! You are so adorable and are growing way too fast!

It's very cute that you and your big brother love each other so much! In fact, while Chase and I were hanging out yesterday, all he wanted to know was, "Is Daddy gonna bring Emery when he comes?" He's quite the cute-y himself!

What wonderful blessings you both are! :D

Aunt Stacy