Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's your name?

I think that picking your child's name is one of the most important things a parent will ever do because let's face it, they are going to be stuck with that name their entire life. Unless they get all big britches on you and decide to change it when they are older, but by then the damage is done. ;o)

Kahla is pronounced, KAH-la or like Kayla since I really have no clue if I did that first pronunciation example correctly. Growing up in the 80's you never heard the name Kahla. I think during my Pk-12 year schooling I knew one other girl name Kayla, but even then it was spelled different. I've always liked my name and I think my parents did good picking it out. Used to I would get a lot of mispronunciations, but now Kayla is such a common name that that rarely happens anymore. Of course I never found premade stuff with my name on it, but that never bothered me so it really wasn't a big deal. And, I have gotten always comments on how pretty my name was, how different it is, and have probably explained the situation a million times, but it still never gets old. ;o)

An anonymous commenter (who is very smart I might add) left me a comment yesterday to tell me that there was a town in Germany and a porcelain company that shared my name, Kahla. That commenter is exactly right! Kahla just happens to be a family name and I bet you'll never guess where my ancestors were from. Yep, Kahla, Germany! My grandmother, that watches the Princess, married out of the name and my mother knew when she had a daughter she would use it. In the end it was decided that I would be named Kahla, after my great-grandmother, which I think was perfect. I actually have a beautiful porcelain plate with the Kahla Castle on it tucked safely away. Heck, I'm probably royalty and we don't even know it! ;o)

I wish the anonymous had left their name or something because I was totally impressed that they knew about Kahla, but since they didn't, I hope they come back to see this post. Maybe it's because my name is unique that I love Chase and Emery's names so much. You just don't hear them often, but they aren't off the wall bizarre. Chase's middle name is after his grandfather and Emery's name we just fell in love with. Hopefully they'll like their names as much as I like mine.

So, how did ya'll come up with names or get yours. I always find that stuff totally interesting. Jeff was almost a Julius Bluitt... ha, can you imagine?

****I am grateful for
1) unique names
2) history
3) smart commenters
4) that the work week is only five days long, guess it could be worse
5) a good nap this afternoon, yay for Jeff taking over kiddo duty


Veronica said...

I have been following for a while- but I don't think I posted before.

I love my name- Veronica. I am actually named from the Archies Comic. LOL. Dispite that, I think it is a beautiful name.

I named my oldest Aydan. I thought it was a unique name- but now Aydan (and other spellings of the name) is actually very common. But the name fits him. His middle name is after my husband and my fathers and grandfathers. So that is pretty special.

My middle child Landan got his name from the movie A Walk to Remember. I was big and pregnant (like 30+ weeks) and had no idea what I was going to name him. I was watching the movie and I thought Landan was a great name and it went well with Aydan.

My baby girl's name is Tarynn, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!! It is a traditional Irish name, and since my husband is Irish- it works. I got it from when I typed in both her brothers names. I knew instantly that if she was a girl- that was her name. Her middle name is after my DH and my mothers, grandmothers, and his siter. So once again a very special family name.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

I am the anonymous commenter who told you about Kahla last week... And no - I am not smart. I am German ;) Though I do not live in Kahla I used to have a relationship of some sort with the Porcellain company. Their stuff is really nice.

Using the name of the town you are from as a last name was something I know people who came to the USA did. The thought of using it as a first name just never crossed my mind. It would be illegal in Germany.

Seeing it on your blog I felt the need to tell you, though I now see you already knew.
Nevertheless, without any intention to inquire something too personal, I would like to ask you whether you still have contact to any relatives in Germany or are ever planning to visit?
I guess I feel it would be neat to see the town from which your name comes.
Glad you enjoyed my comment.

Have a wonderful week!