Thursday, September 2, 2010

When I need it the most

Some days when I'm totally exhausted and overwhelmed with all that's on my plate I come across a picture that just makes me smile. Almost as good at the real things! ;o)

I love teaching 99% of the time, but the first couple of months are just so hard. Long days, frustrating moments, tons of work. I seriously put in enough overtime at the beginning of the year that I totally deserve summer off. This year is proving that it's going to especially difficult and I'm not looking forward to it at all. I'm hoping next year I'll get back down into a lower grade. *sigh* Smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

****I am grateful for
1) tomorrow is Friday!
2) three day weekend!
3) Chase is having a great year in kinder so far
4) we are supposed to get some rain and boy to we need it
5) my angels


Stacy E. said...

Love the pic! :-)

I totally empathize with you right now. The beginning of the year IS hard! Lots of hours, so much to do. Apparently, I've got more than a few challenges ahead of me this year, too! But, you know what, we're good teachers---not bragging, just saying ;-)---and some how we'll make it. (Just have to figure out HOW we're gonna do that! But we will... ;o))


Anonymous said...

you are wonderful at what you do! keep your chin up and just know that you get to go home to your wonderful family every night! if you need anything let me know!! SMILE!!!!

The Carty Party Mom said...

Kahla, you are an excellent teacher, an awesome mom, and a wonderful friend. I can't imagine how much time teachers really put in to their work, but I do know my child is better for all of your hard work. I know we've moved onto higher grades, but you will forever be one of my faves! If you need any help, you let me know and I'll personally come help you get the little stuff done.