Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Little Tinkerbell

We have gone round and round about what Emery should be for Halloween. Her first Halloween she was just a couple of weeks old, so this is almost like her first Halloween. I had thought a ladybug even before she was born, then we saw a cute witch and debated on that. However, the minute Tinkerbell came into the picture, Jeff was sure that was it because after all Tinkerbell is a blond so it's like it was meant to be. So, Tinkerbell she'll be! Here is a sneak preview of her in her costume. I ordered her wings and wand (although now that I've seen them, they would be so easy to make if you have the time) and I made the outfit. We are still waiting on her bow (it's in the works) and I'm going to add a ribbon to the top to tie around her neck. I can't believe how cute she is and will share another picture when it's complete. Until then, let me introduce our Little Tinkerbell!

She just squeals with delight when she's dressed in and I think she really likes it. In fact, I think we definitely have a girly girl on our hands!!!!

****I am grateful for
1) girly girls
2) holidays
3) costumes
4) little squeals of delight
5) Tinkerbell!


Stacy E. said...


You're the most beautiful Tinker Bell ever! And I love how much YOU love this costume! Can't wait to see you go trick-or-treating this Halloween!

Aunt Stacy

Amber said...

Way to go! I find it impressive that you made the outfit. It is SO cute!