Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Unconditional Love

is what I have for this boy. <3

****I am grateful for
1) superheros
2) big teeth that you have to grow in to
3) freckles
4) conversations w/this six year old
5) learning what unconditional love was the moment I learned he was on his way

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I would wish you a Happy Thanksgiving by posting adorable pictures of my children and being one of those really obnoxious Moms (can you imagine?), but apparently we were all too busy stuffing our faces to take pictures! So in lieu, I leave you with this:

Now that's funny. ;o)

****I am grateful for
1) a wonderful Thanksgiving
2) my awesome family
3) medical miracles (I have two!)
4) our frozen totsicles hanging out in Houston
5) still three whole days of vacation left!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Miss. Frosty

OK, so maybe it's not totally "wordless." This was Emery's winter outfit from her pageant this past weekend (more on that later). There's a scarf too, but she goes nutso when I put it on her, so we pass on that. I think this little girl is just so darn pretty!

****I am grateful for
1) Miss. Frosty
2) homemade outfits
3) that adorable smile
4) lots of time with my kiddos this week
5) having so many things to be grateful for

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Emery's 2 year pictures

I finally got Emery's pictures taken today for her two year birthday, I know, bad mommy. Let's just say it was not a pleasant experience at all and I should have just done it myself (which I am going to go and do). The photographer was awful, they place was way too busy, we were rushed, and Emery was completely unimpressed and was in total diva mode. I *should* have brought Chase with us because he can always get her to smile, but he was with my mom and niece and they were just waking up when we were on our way to the appointment. Lazy bums, that I'm totally jealous of! Anyway, here's the two best (neither have the #2 or word "two" in them like I wanted). *sigh* At least these are cute!

****I am grateful for
1) a whole week off of work... LOVE it!
2) lots of time with family this week
3) rain... woohoo
4) Duchess is home
5) only three weeks back and work and then we're off again for Christmas break

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pageant Day! *update*

Emery had her third pageant today and did great! Out of 9 toddlers and some very stiff competition she got third alternate and best smile. But even better, she had a great time and rocked the stage! She had no nap and it was hotter than all get-out and she never had one melt-down, so very proud of our little girl!! No photos allowed in the pageant room, but here's the two I got outside with my phone, not great, but you can see just how beautiful she is!

*edited to add: Today I found out that Emery was only two points behind the first alternate, which means that it was a very close competition. There were only two judges, which was odd, and one worked for the system, which is not right, but anyway the same judge marked her one point lower on each parts than the first runner up. That being said, had she had her blue dress on, she would have probably won because that was the same judge that "would like to see her in a darker pink or blue." LOL, can't please everyone, but just made me even prouder of my baby girl!*

Here's the outfit Nana and I made for her "Fall wear." LOVE it and she'll be wearing it on Thanksgiving for sure! Was pretty easy to make too!

****I am grateful for
1) a fun time at Disney on Ice yesterday
2) one more week of work until a whole week off for Thanksgiving!
3) two kiddos tucked warmly in their beds
4) rain in the forecast!
5) a chance to sit down and get off my feet

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I've learned over the last couple of months.

~ I've learned that when one generation begins to be born, another begins to die. That is the circle of life and a very difficult lesson to learn.
~ I've learned that the world doesn't stop, or even slow down, just because you need it to or think it should. In fact, that is usually when it speeds up.
~ I've learned that things never happen just one at time. The saying, "when it rains it pours" is true. Sometimes it pours good and sometimes it pours bad. The bad just seems easier to find.
~ I've learned that last goodbyes are never good enough.
~ I've learned that time does not necessarily make things easier or better, it just makes things more tolerable. You learn to adjust to a new normal.
~ I've learned that sometimes the little things don't make a big of difference and then sometimes those little things make all the difference in the world.
~ I've learned that it's so important to say I love you every chance you get because you never know when those chances will end.
~ I've learned that you shouldn't wish the days away because you can't get them back.
~ I've learned that you should never take time with others for granted, young or old, because you never know when that time will end.
~ I've learned that sometimes you have to find a way to laugh just so you don't cry and sometimes you just have to cry.
~ I've learned that you should enjoy growing old because there are many that will never get that chance.
~ I've learned to love the people God has given me, because one day He will need them back.

A friend's twin brother was in a terrible car accident on Sunday and passed away yesterday. He was around my age with two young children. I am heartbroken for her and her family. They are some of the sweetest people I know. On November 1st he had posted a very sweet message to her on telling her how much he loved her and how grateful he was that she was his sister. I can't think of a better last message.

****I am grateful for
1) in heaven there is no suffering or pain
2) cold weather
3) meds to get Jeff feeling better
4) a warm bed to sleep in
5) my family and friends

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Looking for some great holiday give-aways, search no more!


****I am grateful for
1) that extra hour of sleep, even if my youngest didn't get the memo
2) cuddle time
3) awesome give aways
4) Duchess is getting all moved in
5) only two weeks until Thanksgiving break!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

We aren't going to know what to do with all our time!

Tonight was Chase's last ball game of the season. His last karate class (he's on a three month break) was last week. All we have left on the schedule is gymnastics with the Princess once a week. This means we've gone from having 4 nights a week jammed packed with one, two, and even three things to pretty much nothing. Our schedule has not been this free in three years and I don't think we're going to know what to do with all our time! No fears, spring ball will be here before we know it (but we're sure going to enjoy our time off between now and then)!!!!

****I am grateful for
1) my awesome husband
2) Duchess got her closing papers on the house and it should be all hers in the next few days!
3) Friday is almost here!
4) weekends, oh how I LOVE weekends
5) winter is coming, gotta love winter after all this heat we've been having