Thursday, November 3, 2011

We aren't going to know what to do with all our time!

Tonight was Chase's last ball game of the season. His last karate class (he's on a three month break) was last week. All we have left on the schedule is gymnastics with the Princess once a week. This means we've gone from having 4 nights a week jammed packed with one, two, and even three things to pretty much nothing. Our schedule has not been this free in three years and I don't think we're going to know what to do with all our time! No fears, spring ball will be here before we know it (but we're sure going to enjoy our time off between now and then)!!!!

****I am grateful for
1) my awesome husband
2) Duchess got her closing papers on the house and it should be all hers in the next few days!
3) Friday is almost here!
4) weekends, oh how I LOVE weekends
5) winter is coming, gotta love winter after all this heat we've been having


Stacy E. said...

Enjoy your free time! You deserve it! :) Congratulations to your mom on getting her closing papers! :o) I know you're all going to love living so much closer together!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Youll be able to fill up that time, no problem! Especially with the holidays coming. Enjoy every second!