Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Emery's 2 year pictures

I finally got Emery's pictures taken today for her two year birthday, I know, bad mommy. Let's just say it was not a pleasant experience at all and I should have just done it myself (which I am going to go and do). The photographer was awful, they place was way too busy, we were rushed, and Emery was completely unimpressed and was in total diva mode. I *should* have brought Chase with us because he can always get her to smile, but he was with my mom and niece and they were just waking up when we were on our way to the appointment. Lazy bums, that I'm totally jealous of! Anyway, here's the two best (neither have the #2 or word "two" in them like I wanted). *sigh* At least these are cute!

****I am grateful for
1) a whole week off of work... LOVE it!
2) lots of time with family this week
3) rain... woohoo
4) Duchess is home
5) only three weeks back and work and then we're off again for Christmas break


Stacy E. said...

I know you were very disappointed in the photo session. However, these 2 pictures do look good! You have a beautiful daughter! :)