Monday, November 30, 2009

Princess Emery is 7 weeks old!

My sweet Princess Emery,

Today you are 7 weeks old, I can't believe it's been that long since you arrived and find myself double-checking all the time to make sure I have counted right! This last week was a whirlwind of activity and we pretty much went nonstop. Even though we were constantly on the go, you did great!

Unfortunately we noticed you were getting a cough on Friday afternoon and that evening it started sounding very wet. What really worried me was that you would cough, gag, and then struggle to breathe. I'm already a paranoid freak about SIDS because of Katie (I'll admit it) and that was about to push me over the edge. Let's just say I don't think I've slept very much these past few days! We took you to the on-call pedi on Saturday and she felt you probably had gotten whatever virus I had (did I mention I had a virus, I can't remember) and that you are one of those babies that refluxes all the way up your sinuses and that that was causing your cough to sound wet. She said to do saline drops, run the humidifier, and stay on top of your reflux meds. From there we'd just have to wait it out.

Well Saturday night and Sunday were no better, in fact, at one point I almost panicked enough to take you to the ER and woke your Daddy up from a dead sleep with my screaming. I just couldn't handle something happening to you. I called your pedi first thing this morning and got you an appointment so we could get her opinion... I knew something wasn't right. Needless to say you have bronchiolitis caused by RSV. You are so miserable and I hate it! Even worse, you probably got it because of me and that makes me feel like total poo. I'm so sorry my sweet baby girl! Dr. Q said we caught it very early and Saturday the virus had not made it to your bronchial airways yet at the time, which is why you are worse now. She also said that we are just now hitting the peak, so we can look for another bad night... that breaks my heart for you. At least we know what to look for in terms of when we need to really panic, hopefully those things won't happen. We started you on breathing treatments and hopefully they will help with the inflammation of your airways, even if it can't get rid of the mucous for you. You took your first treatment like a champ and I, of course, got pictures as proof - see below. Too bad the nebulizer mask is bigger than your face!

I know that this too shall pass and you will once again feel like your normal, happy self. I have to go back to work next Monday (boo!) and am praying that you are all better long before then! I'm so sorry you have to spend your 7 week birthday being sick, but I promise that I will take the best possible care of you and your wish, is my command!!!

Love you, Mommy

Here are some pics from our week, including a bonus picture of Big Brother Chase because it was just so cute I couldn't resist!

****I am grateful for
1) Dr. Q - we love our pediatrician!
2) Our pedi's office, they always fit us in
3) Emery's meds that will hopefully let her breathe better
4) still have 6 days before I go back to work, that's better than none
5) support systems

Thursday, November 26, 2009

50 things I am thankful for

***A commenter said that I should have put Chase first, let me just say that I saved my most favorite thankful things for last (the last three are my most thankful in no particular order!) - you know, save the best for last!**

1. computers
2. burp cloths
3. swings
4. stars
5. day
6. night
7. a safe home
8. a reliable vehicle
9. food
10. white noise
11. sleep
12. friendships
13. time
14. laughter
15. shoes
16. clothes
17. cold weather
18. wonderful parents
19. great siblings
20. grandparents, great-grandparents
21. aunt, uncles, cousins
22. phones
23. good health care
24. access to medicine
25. insurance
26. great doctors and nurses
27. Dr. G and his staff at HFI, we would not have our miracles w/o them!
28. technology
29. God blessing man with the gift of science to perform IVF
30. IVF
31. prayers
32. jobs
33. incomes
34. relationships
35. faith
36. rainbows
37. sweet tea
38. kisses
39. hugs
40. "I love yous"
41. being called Mommy
42. happy tears
43. hope
44. dreams
45. determination
46. beautiful smiles
47. help
48. Jeff, my bestfriend and soulmate
Happy Thanksgiving, may each and everyone of you have many things to be thankful for in your lives!

****I am grateful for
1) a wonderful Thanksgiving
2) family and friends
3) sleeping children
4) smiling faces
5) awesome meals

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Little Buck's Thanksgiving Feast

Today Chase had his Thanksgiving Feast at school. Since I'm off I got to go and it was so much fun! Really, I would have gone even if I was working, I would have just taken off. The kids were really cute and they were so proud of their costumes. His class got to be Indians and the other K4 class got to be Pilgrims. Each child in his class had been given an Indian name and Chase's couldn't have been more appropriate. Today, Chase was known as, "Little Buck!" Here are a few pics from today!

I know I look horrible, I'm so tired! Just ignore that part!

***I am grateful for
1) The Thanksgiving Feast
2) Indians
3) Pilgrims
4) one-on-one time w/Chase
5) my "Little Buck"

Monday, November 23, 2009

Princess Emery is 6 weeks old!

Princess Emery,

Today you are 6 weeks old, my how time is flying! I have loved being able to spend this time with you and dread going back to work in just a couple of weeks. I love my job, but nothing compares to being a Mommy.

Last Tuesday morning you gave your Big Brother Chase a huge smile when he was telling you good-bye before he left for school. I truly believe that was your first "real" smile and he was so excited! However, this morning I was able to catch your biggest smile yet with my phone (see above). Oh how it made my heart flutter to see that! I LOVE your smiles and can't wait to see them on a more regular basis. I don't want you to grow faster, but boy what fun we are going to have!

I have also discovered that no matter what color I put you in, you look absolutely adorable! That is going to be a huge plus for you when you get older, trust me! Everyone just loves you and tells us how cute you are... like we didn't already know! ;o)

You are much more alert this week and like to stare at us. You are tolerating tummy time a little more, but it's still not a fave by any means. The swing is hit and miss, but we are working on it. Same for your bouncer. You seem to enjoy car rides and 9 times out of 10 will be snoozing in no time once we are on the road. As for the paci, I'm just not sure what we'll do about that.

Most days it still feels unreal that I am now the blessed Mommy to you and your brother, I'm not sure how I got so lucky. Someone up there must really love me... as much as I love you (which is a LOT)!


****I am grateful for
1) 6 weeks
2) 2 more weeks maternity (please don't go fast!)
3) tomorrow I'm going to the Thanksgiving Feast as Chase's school, the first one ever!
4) sweet tea from Son.ic... yum
5) Long weekends for Jeff!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

You want me to suck on what?

Chase loved his pacifier, it was pretty much his bestfriend. Emery, on the other hand, pretty much wants to gag 90% of the time we even attempt to put it in her sweet little mouth. I know that in her 5 week post she is sucking on a binky, but trust me, that lasted for all of 5 seconds before she shot it across the room. Yes, she not only pushes them out, she spits them out with force and then looks at us like we were trying to poison her. Ack! I would really, really, really like her take one! Right now she would rather suck on our finger or on me and while I'm more than happy to satisfy her craving while we are home, I go back to work in two weeks and it just ain't gonna work. Not to mention when we are out and about I can't have her attached to me the entire time. We've tried at lest 6 different kinds and the only ones that come close are the soothie (or gummy, same thing) or the nuk that have the latex nip.ple. Lordy, I'm gonna go crazy! Suggestions? Or am I just gonna have to suffer?


***I am grateful for
1) William is out of the hospital as of this evening! Now for recovery.
2) Jeff is better!
3) Duchess is better!
4) Nana is better!
5) The kids and I avoided the germs... so far!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Heaven help me!

Oh what a week we've had in our household and not in the best way possible. Jeff came down with strep throat, Duchess got a sinus infection/earache, Nana got bronchitis... and this was all before Tuesday!

We thought things were finally on the mend until my brother, William, went to the ER for a gallbladder attack (he's been having them for a while and waiting on insurance, which he now has) and they decided to admit him and go ahead and do surgery to remove his gallbladder and fix a very bad hernia. They took him to surgery late this afternoon and while they were removing his gallbladder his liver started bleeding for some unknown cause. They made an incision and took care of the bleed, but were unable to fix the hernia. He is in ICU tonight so they can monitor him and will be in the hospital for 3-5 days. He will have to get the hernia fixed in a couple of months. Send some prayers there are no more complications and he's better and out soon.

I'm really, really, REALLY hoping our days calm down soon because all this excitement on top of a newborn that never wants to be put down and a toddler that is showing his stubborn side, I am tired and worn out! Never a dull moment in our household, that's for sure!

***I am grateful for
1) skilled surgeons
2) ICU
3) good hospitals
4) Hump Day
5) updates

Monday, November 16, 2009

Princess Emery is 5 weeks old!

Princess Emery,

Today you are five weeks old!! I wish I could slow time down just a little because it seems to be going entirely too fast! You are doing really well and growing so much. We were at the doctor's office today and there was a four day old baby boy in there. He made you look like a giant and I'm pretty sure you could have eaten him for lunch. ;o)

We have been implementing tummy time during the day some and I can safely say that you are not a big fan. You grunt, kick, and squirm and then you just get mad. You now have distinct cries and your mad cry is pretty much a screaming cry. You make the most pathetic face and put your lungs to good use. It's actually kinda cute, heck, everything you do is cute!

We had your reflux meds switched today because the Zan.tac just wasn't cutting it. I'm hoping this brings you some relief and that it bothers you no more! You are actually doing quite well w/the whole thing so I'm not too terribly worried. Baby Girl, you rock!

*What you're doing this week:
~ you will mimic whatever we do w/our tongue and mouth - it's quite entertaining
~ you follow our voices, you can be almost sound asleep and hear one of us and you'll whip that head right around
~ you are holding your head up really well, you would love to be able to just sit straight up, of course you're not there yet
~ not a fan of tummy time, but we'll get there

Love you Little Princess!

P.S. Jeff has strep, send prayers that the Prince and Princess don't get it (nor do I!)

***I am grateful for
1) 5 weeks!
2) medicine (Jeff is sick, Duchess is sick, Nana is sick... see a trend w/my family)
3) doctors that fit you in when you don't have an appointment
4) pharmacies, but the slow on in town does drive me nuts
5) cuddle time

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Prayer Request

Please send prayers for Brent, Stacie, and Max. Brent and Stacie are 20 weeks pregnant with Max's baby sister and learned yesterday that she has a huge brain mass. As of right now they have been told that best case scenario the baby will be blind or deaf but most likely she is brain dead or severely brain damaged. They are awaiting more tests and appointments, but as you can imagine they are devastated. As a parent, I cannot even begin to imagine what they are going through. If you have a moment, it just takes a few previous seconds, send some prayers that their appointments will show that their sweet baby girl will be OK. God works miracles every day, we have that proof.

Thank you!

***I am grateful for
1) prayers
2) friends
3) taking time
4) Fridays
5) miracles

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy 1 Month Birthday Princess Emery!

Princess Emery,

Today, you are one month old. One whole month!! I have to admit that this month seems to have flown by and if this is any indication how the months to come are going to go, I seriously need time to slow down!

You are an absolute dream come true for our family and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. Chase adores you and will not leave for school in the mornings without saying goodbye to you and giving you a kiss on the head. As soon as he comes home, you are the first person he comes to see. It warms my heart to see it and I know that when you can interact that ya'll are going to have a lot of fun!

Daddy and I adore you as well. We are both rather tired at the moment, but certainly wouldn't have it any other way! We really can't complain because we both know that it could be so much worse.

You have grown so much in this last month and are slowly losing that newborn look. It makes me a little sad to see you changing so quickly, but I know that nothing stays the same forever. I really think that in the next few days you'll be showing us some true smiles because yesterday you came really close and then again today. You love to just stare at us and mimic sticking your tongue out when we do it to you. You are not a huge fan of the swing and the bouncy is OK, but if you had it your way you would just stay in our arms all the time. Who can blame you?

You are still nursing and getting formula, but your reflux has thrown quite the kink into things. The new formula has you rather constipated and we are working on a solution for that. As far as the nursing, you'd do it all day but there just isn't enough there for that, so we take what we can. You do not like the pacifier and would rather just use me for the comfort. I'm OK w/that when we are at home, but boy it's be nice if you'd take the pacifier when we are out and about!

Everyone that meets you falls totally in love w/you and it does not surprise me one bit. You are a beautiful, wonderful, child of God and are going to fill our lives with so much joy in the times to come.

We love you Princess!!


****I am grateful for
1) one whole month
2) time
3) smiles, even half smiles
4) tomorrow is Friday
5) refrigerators

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's that time of year again!

The toy catalogs have been arriving for a couple of weeks and Chase quickly realized that Christmas was on the way. Christmas being on the way means one thing: Christmas Lists! Chase has been asking to start his for about a week now and tonight we finally sat down and took the time to work on it.

First, you have to browse to find just the right items that catch your eye:

Then you gently cut the perfect toys out:

Next you carefully glue them down:

Finally: Your Christmas List is ready to be distributed!

I'm sure he'll add plenty more over the next couple of weeks, but he's definitely off to a good start!

***I am grateful for
1) bedtime
2) stars
3) pictures
4) Christmas Lists
5) Hump Day

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Sneak Peeks!

Daddy and his Little Princess

Jeff's grandmother had given this dress to his mom when she was pregnant with his younger brother. Since he was a boy it's been stored for 33 years! We finally got a girl to put in it and boy did she look pretty!

Rings and Toes

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Hope Now
*The pics are up and ready to be viewed now. If you want to see them all, just send me a note (I must have your email to get the preview link to you) and I'll set it up.

****I am grateful for
1) sleep, when I get it
2) the few quite seconds I have to myself in the bathroom, I'll take what I can get
3) I still have almost a month of maternity leave - I do not want to leave Emery, but I do kinda miss my kids at school, can I just work like three days a week? ;o)
4) we survived three birthday parties and a crab boil this weekend
5) awesome pictures

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Emery's Newborn Photo Shoot Sneak Peek (and more to come later!!!)

The pictures say it all...

These were taken by Peggy Carty (www.peggycartyphotography) and I have yet to see one that I didn't love! She will come to your site and give you as much time as you need. Which is awesome when you have a little one that gets hungry and needs loved on from time to time. You are able to stop, take care of needs, and the start back up again. She is patient and loving and awesome! We met when her oldest daughter was in my first grade class and got so attached that I have her daughter again in third grade this year. I really can't recommend her enough!! If you want more info let me know, I'd be more than happy to refer!!!! There are over 100 pictures coming so check back for more (or the link to view them) soon!!!!
~ Kahla
****I am grateful for
1) Emery had a much better night, but boy is she constipated, that's our new work-on goal
2) we are not letting this reflux get our baby girl
3) a GREAT photo shoot
4) Peggy, she rocks!
5) Saturdays!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

This ain't our first rodeo...

I've mentioned before on here what a wonderful baby Emery has been and how we are totally not used to that. When I say that, I really hope it's not taken the wrong way. Since this blog was not in existence when Chase was a baby I should probably go ahead and explain a couple of things. Chase was an adorable baby, but he was a hard baby. He was diagnosed early on with severe GERD (reflux) and he was miserable with it. Not only did he have reflux, he had formula tolerance issues. It was an uphill battle from the start and took a long time to get it under control. During that time there was lots of crying by both of us, little sleep for either of us, and a ton of frustration. I remember all too well how hard it was to watch him squirm and cry when he was hurting and knowing there was nothing I could do to ease his pain... it devastated me. Lots of people just assume reflux babies are fussy colic babies and I hate that. I can't even begin to count the number of times that I had to explain Chase was hurting and not just a bad attitude baby. We always say that he is so good now, because we paid all our dues when he was an infant.

Emery has been a happy, content, rarely crying baby. Or she was. A couple of days ago we noticed that she was a little fussy, spitting up more, gagging, coughing, squirming, pulling her legs up, and arching her back - all after she ate. I immediately started having flashbacks and my heart sank. We had not changed her diet in any way, still nursing and the same formula, so I knew everything was pointing to reflux. After all, this ain't our first rodeo. Two nights and a full day of this and we knew it was time to take her in. We wanted it under control ASAP, for her well being and everyones sanity.

Sure enough Dr. Q feels we are indeed facing reflux again. Crap. Why? Seriously?! I knew it was too good to last. Anyway, after some serious crying and pouting on my part due to total frustration that 1) My 2nd baby is having to deal with this painful disease, 2) GERD just sucks, no matter how you look at it, and 3) can't anything ever be easy??? I sucked it up and decided since there is nothing I can do to make it go away, we'll do what we can to make it better. We got her on prescription meds, are trying out a new formula, and are quickly remembering all our tricks for dealing with the reflux monster. Hopefully we'll get it under control quickly and have our happy, little princess (and sane Mommy) back in no time. Send a prayer... or two!

~ Kahla

***I am grateful for
2) Emery is having her newborn photo session today
3) we are going to kick this reflux business to the curb
4) good health care
5) weekends rock!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Three Week Birthday Emery!

I know I say it every week, but seriously, three weeks already???? Time is just flying by since Miss. Emery has arrived and every day brings new and exciting adventures. I really wondered how I could love another baby like I love Chase, but sure enough, I do! These two kids make my heart want to explode it's so full of admiration for them... I am one lucky Mommy! Above is one of my favorite pics of Emery that I took yesterday and then at the end of this post is the birth announcement we ordered. We have a friend that is going to take pics later this week, so we'll probably come up w/a second announcement, but we saw this and fell in love.

Miss. Emery,

Today you are three weeks old and we are three weeks into a new adventure in our life. We feel so lucky each and every day to have been picked to be your Mommy and Daddy. We are all totally, completely smitten with you. You are so loved by so many, you will always have plenty of people there to take care of you, that's for sure!

You are changing each and every day and when I look at pictures of you I already see a huge difference from when you were born. You are more alert and love to just sit and stare at us. Your big brother loves to entertain you and you seem to be intrigued by him. I have a feeling that the two of you are going to have a great relationship and I am so thankful.

You have decided that at night you only want to sleep snuggled up next to me and while I get a little nervous, I always give in. You look at me with those big blue eyes and the minute you are next to me you nestle right up and get still so I let you do it every time. What can I say, I'm a sucker for you!!!


~ Kahla

***I am grateful for
1) 3weeks
2) health
3) fall
4) connections
5) stars in the sky