Friday, November 6, 2009

This ain't our first rodeo...

I've mentioned before on here what a wonderful baby Emery has been and how we are totally not used to that. When I say that, I really hope it's not taken the wrong way. Since this blog was not in existence when Chase was a baby I should probably go ahead and explain a couple of things. Chase was an adorable baby, but he was a hard baby. He was diagnosed early on with severe GERD (reflux) and he was miserable with it. Not only did he have reflux, he had formula tolerance issues. It was an uphill battle from the start and took a long time to get it under control. During that time there was lots of crying by both of us, little sleep for either of us, and a ton of frustration. I remember all too well how hard it was to watch him squirm and cry when he was hurting and knowing there was nothing I could do to ease his pain... it devastated me. Lots of people just assume reflux babies are fussy colic babies and I hate that. I can't even begin to count the number of times that I had to explain Chase was hurting and not just a bad attitude baby. We always say that he is so good now, because we paid all our dues when he was an infant.

Emery has been a happy, content, rarely crying baby. Or she was. A couple of days ago we noticed that she was a little fussy, spitting up more, gagging, coughing, squirming, pulling her legs up, and arching her back - all after she ate. I immediately started having flashbacks and my heart sank. We had not changed her diet in any way, still nursing and the same formula, so I knew everything was pointing to reflux. After all, this ain't our first rodeo. Two nights and a full day of this and we knew it was time to take her in. We wanted it under control ASAP, for her well being and everyones sanity.

Sure enough Dr. Q feels we are indeed facing reflux again. Crap. Why? Seriously?! I knew it was too good to last. Anyway, after some serious crying and pouting on my part due to total frustration that 1) My 2nd baby is having to deal with this painful disease, 2) GERD just sucks, no matter how you look at it, and 3) can't anything ever be easy??? I sucked it up and decided since there is nothing I can do to make it go away, we'll do what we can to make it better. We got her on prescription meds, are trying out a new formula, and are quickly remembering all our tricks for dealing with the reflux monster. Hopefully we'll get it under control quickly and have our happy, little princess (and sane Mommy) back in no time. Send a prayer... or two!

~ Kahla

***I am grateful for
2) Emery is having her newborn photo session today
3) we are going to kick this reflux business to the curb
4) good health care
5) weekends rock!


Mrs. Pod said...

Thinking of you guys and sending extra prayers for baby E!

Anonymous said...


Stacy E. said...


So sorry to hear this. Praying that Emery feels better REAL soon and that it won't be a long difficult process trying to find a better formula for her to drink, etc. Let me know if you need anything!

(((HUGS))) Love, Stacy

Amanda Hoyt said...

Oh man that does stink!
Praying for Emery and your entire family :)