Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Three Week Birthday Emery!

I know I say it every week, but seriously, three weeks already???? Time is just flying by since Miss. Emery has arrived and every day brings new and exciting adventures. I really wondered how I could love another baby like I love Chase, but sure enough, I do! These two kids make my heart want to explode it's so full of admiration for them... I am one lucky Mommy! Above is one of my favorite pics of Emery that I took yesterday and then at the end of this post is the birth announcement we ordered. We have a friend that is going to take pics later this week, so we'll probably come up w/a second announcement, but we saw this and fell in love.

Miss. Emery,

Today you are three weeks old and we are three weeks into a new adventure in our life. We feel so lucky each and every day to have been picked to be your Mommy and Daddy. We are all totally, completely smitten with you. You are so loved by so many, you will always have plenty of people there to take care of you, that's for sure!

You are changing each and every day and when I look at pictures of you I already see a huge difference from when you were born. You are more alert and love to just sit and stare at us. Your big brother loves to entertain you and you seem to be intrigued by him. I have a feeling that the two of you are going to have a great relationship and I am so thankful.

You have decided that at night you only want to sleep snuggled up next to me and while I get a little nervous, I always give in. You look at me with those big blue eyes and the minute you are next to me you nestle right up and get still so I let you do it every time. What can I say, I'm a sucker for you!!!


~ Kahla

***I am grateful for
1) 3weeks
2) health
3) fall
4) connections
5) stars in the sky