Saturday, November 21, 2009

You want me to suck on what?

Chase loved his pacifier, it was pretty much his bestfriend. Emery, on the other hand, pretty much wants to gag 90% of the time we even attempt to put it in her sweet little mouth. I know that in her 5 week post she is sucking on a binky, but trust me, that lasted for all of 5 seconds before she shot it across the room. Yes, she not only pushes them out, she spits them out with force and then looks at us like we were trying to poison her. Ack! I would really, really, really like her take one! Right now she would rather suck on our finger or on me and while I'm more than happy to satisfy her craving while we are home, I go back to work in two weeks and it just ain't gonna work. Not to mention when we are out and about I can't have her attached to me the entire time. We've tried at lest 6 different kinds and the only ones that come close are the soothie (or gummy, same thing) or the nuk that have the latex nip.ple. Lordy, I'm gonna go crazy! Suggestions? Or am I just gonna have to suffer?


***I am grateful for
1) William is out of the hospital as of this evening! Now for recovery.
2) Jeff is better!
3) Duchess is better!
4) Nana is better!
5) The kids and I avoided the germs... so far!


Amanda Hoyt said...

I'm so sorry you're having trouble!
Caitlin was the same way but Madison has no trouble taking the pacis (all of them so far we've tried).
With Caitlin she finally fell in love with her "baby" - similar to the minky I sent you for Emery. I would just keep trying the pacis (wiggle them around in her mouth and even have Chase try while he sings "Twinkle Twinkle" - at the beginning this helped with Madison) and then if that doesn't work, try to incorporate the minky into her everyday routine and put it near her face for her to know that she can use it to comfort herself.
Hope this helps!

Stacy E. said...

Glad everyone is feeling better and that William is home again! Sending prayers of thanksgiving and for a smooth recovery/rehab for William. Sorry, but I don't know what to tell you about the pacifiers...good luck! Aunt Stacy can come hold Miss Emery for a little while! :-)


Rooney's Little Musings said...

Gosh Kahla, I'm in the same boat. I thought Kate had finally learned to like a paci, and posted about it, but NO! Not happening now!

Well, it is, but unfortunately it's still me! I've tried every kind too. If you figure something out, let me know!

I seriously need help!

Joy said...

Zoe doesn't take one either and also gags on it. I just try other ways to soothe her. She only seems to wwant to pacify herself on me when I am around but does fine in public or rnning errands. Sorry for typos! I'm nursing her while typing