Saturday, November 7, 2009

Emery's Newborn Photo Shoot Sneak Peek (and more to come later!!!)

The pictures say it all...

These were taken by Peggy Carty (www.peggycartyphotography) and I have yet to see one that I didn't love! She will come to your site and give you as much time as you need. Which is awesome when you have a little one that gets hungry and needs loved on from time to time. You are able to stop, take care of needs, and the start back up again. She is patient and loving and awesome! We met when her oldest daughter was in my first grade class and got so attached that I have her daughter again in third grade this year. I really can't recommend her enough!! If you want more info let me know, I'd be more than happy to refer!!!! There are over 100 pictures coming so check back for more (or the link to view them) soon!!!!
~ Kahla
****I am grateful for
1) Emery had a much better night, but boy is she constipated, that's our new work-on goal
2) we are not letting this reflux get our baby girl
3) a GREAT photo shoot
4) Peggy, she rocks!
5) Saturdays!!


Joy said...

I LOVE the one with the wings!!!

The Patterson's said...

Awww...these are beautiful!!! Hope she is feeling better!

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh my gosh! Those are adorable photos of your little darling girl!

Aspiemom said...

They are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! they are just magical, aren't they?! Emery is a beautiful little doll and what a wonderful treasure to cherish these amazing photos that capture these early days with her! GORGEOUSNESS!

Sorry to hear about the reflux issue rearing its unwelcome little head BUT it sounds like you are super duper on top of that, so take that, reflux! Seriously, hugs to you all and what a blessing for Emery that you are mobilizing so fast on this issue.

What a beautiful family and what a happy time for you all!

Thanks for sharing!!!!!


Michelle said...

Those are such precious pictures. She is BEAUTIFUL!

Kim said...

sooo beautiful!