Monday, November 23, 2009

Princess Emery is 6 weeks old!

Princess Emery,

Today you are 6 weeks old, my how time is flying! I have loved being able to spend this time with you and dread going back to work in just a couple of weeks. I love my job, but nothing compares to being a Mommy.

Last Tuesday morning you gave your Big Brother Chase a huge smile when he was telling you good-bye before he left for school. I truly believe that was your first "real" smile and he was so excited! However, this morning I was able to catch your biggest smile yet with my phone (see above). Oh how it made my heart flutter to see that! I LOVE your smiles and can't wait to see them on a more regular basis. I don't want you to grow faster, but boy what fun we are going to have!

I have also discovered that no matter what color I put you in, you look absolutely adorable! That is going to be a huge plus for you when you get older, trust me! Everyone just loves you and tells us how cute you are... like we didn't already know! ;o)

You are much more alert this week and like to stare at us. You are tolerating tummy time a little more, but it's still not a fave by any means. The swing is hit and miss, but we are working on it. Same for your bouncer. You seem to enjoy car rides and 9 times out of 10 will be snoozing in no time once we are on the road. As for the paci, I'm just not sure what we'll do about that.

Most days it still feels unreal that I am now the blessed Mommy to you and your brother, I'm not sure how I got so lucky. Someone up there must really love me... as much as I love you (which is a LOT)!


****I am grateful for
1) 6 weeks
2) 2 more weeks maternity (please don't go fast!)
3) tomorrow I'm going to the Thanksgiving Feast as Chase's school, the first one ever!
4) sweet tea from Son.ic... yum
5) Long weekends for Jeff!


Stacy E. said...

You are gorgeous, Miss Emery! What a smile! I'm just melting at how adorable you are! Can't wait to hold you again, and hopefully you'll smile for me, too! :-)

Aunt Stacy

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture!!!! She is adorable!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Happy birthday pretty smiley girl!!