Thursday, November 26, 2009

50 things I am thankful for

***A commenter said that I should have put Chase first, let me just say that I saved my most favorite thankful things for last (the last three are my most thankful in no particular order!) - you know, save the best for last!**

1. computers
2. burp cloths
3. swings
4. stars
5. day
6. night
7. a safe home
8. a reliable vehicle
9. food
10. white noise
11. sleep
12. friendships
13. time
14. laughter
15. shoes
16. clothes
17. cold weather
18. wonderful parents
19. great siblings
20. grandparents, great-grandparents
21. aunt, uncles, cousins
22. phones
23. good health care
24. access to medicine
25. insurance
26. great doctors and nurses
27. Dr. G and his staff at HFI, we would not have our miracles w/o them!
28. technology
29. God blessing man with the gift of science to perform IVF
30. IVF
31. prayers
32. jobs
33. incomes
34. relationships
35. faith
36. rainbows
37. sweet tea
38. kisses
39. hugs
40. "I love yous"
41. being called Mommy
42. happy tears
43. hope
44. dreams
45. determination
46. beautiful smiles
47. help
48. Jeff, my bestfriend and soulmate
Happy Thanksgiving, may each and everyone of you have many things to be thankful for in your lives!

****I am grateful for
1) a wonderful Thanksgiving
2) family and friends
3) sleeping children
4) smiling faces
5) awesome meals


God Bless The Children said...

Please don't get angry at me for saying this. But in your list of 50 things to be thankful for, I would put Chase at the top (number 1) of my list.

He's at the bottom of your things to be thankful for.
Or maybe number 49 is the top of your list and I have it backwards? lol

But I do agree that I'm thankful for computers. My life must have been really boring without a computer to keep me busy. :)

Amanda Hoyt said...

Great post and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I think no matter the order, you mentioned everything in your life....that makes them ALL EQUALLY SPECIAL. No sense in putting them in order of importance. They are ALL important, as displayed in your BLOG OF OVER A YEAR that talks NON STOP ABOUT your family. That might be an indication of importance! splitting! ;)