Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Saying goodbye to 2015

So apparently I missed an entire month, imagine that! Thanksgiving was a whirlwind and we spent lots of time with family and friends, which is always nice.  We had our 3D ultrasound of our sweet Phoebe and it appears we are going to be three for three in the big cheeks department, she's still a girl, and we thing she is going to look just like her big sister, who looks just like her big brother.  So basically we just keep cloning our children... ha!  We have been busy moving bedrooms around.  Chase wanted to move to the front bedroom (a.k.a. guest/toy room), then we moved Emery into is old room.  However, his room was blue which meant a total overhaul paint wise.  I've learned that I do not enjoy painting and that blue paint is hard to cover up.  But, it's done and Emery is 95% of the way moved in, so that's good!  I'm about to go up and finish her room right now and then I can start tackling her old room for Phoebe.  I still feel like we have so much to do and I will be 30 weeks on Thursday, which freaks me out a little!

Christmas was wonderful and the kids and I have really been enjoying our time off from school.  I love my job, but I do not want to go back on Monday.  Even just two weeks off spoils us real fast and we end up hanging in our pajamas all day, cuddling, playing, and just enjoying our time together. 

Our weather has just been crazy.  On Christmas it was 81 degrees and everyone was in shorts, then two days later we had storms and tornadoes and now it's in the 40s/50s.  Gotta love Texas weather!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has a safe and happy New Year!  Here's our babies to compare, can definitely tell they are all related!!!

****I am grateful for
1) holidays
2) time with family and friends
3) 30 weeks!
4) vacation