Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pageant Day! *update*

Emery had her third pageant today and did great! Out of 9 toddlers and some very stiff competition she got third alternate and best smile. But even better, she had a great time and rocked the stage! She had no nap and it was hotter than all get-out and she never had one melt-down, so very proud of our little girl!! No photos allowed in the pageant room, but here's the two I got outside with my phone, not great, but you can see just how beautiful she is!

*edited to add: Today I found out that Emery was only two points behind the first alternate, which means that it was a very close competition. There were only two judges, which was odd, and one worked for the system, which is not right, but anyway the same judge marked her one point lower on each parts than the first runner up. That being said, had she had her blue dress on, she would have probably won because that was the same judge that "would like to see her in a darker pink or blue." LOL, can't please everyone, but just made me even prouder of my baby girl!*

Here's the outfit Nana and I made for her "Fall wear." LOVE it and she'll be wearing it on Thanksgiving for sure! Was pretty easy to make too!

****I am grateful for
1) a fun time at Disney on Ice yesterday
2) one more week of work until a whole week off for Thanksgiving!
3) two kiddos tucked warmly in their beds
4) rain in the forecast!
5) a chance to sit down and get off my feet


Stacy E. said...

She is just gorgeous! I love the new pink dress! :) And the view from the back, with her hair down, is so pretty!