Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ridin' along in my automobile...

my baby beside me at the wheel.

These three crack me up. Molly because I mean really, what dog puts up with this kind of torture? Honestly, I think she enjoys it. I can't say how much we love that bulldog, she is one of a kind. We are so blessed to have her. Not only does she tolerate everything the kids do (she has never even so much as growled in their direction) she makes a great nanny. Really! At night, she goes to bed w/Chase and then stays up in his room with him until he goes to sleep. Then she comes down to finish off the evening with us. She is pure awesomeness.

Chase because he is just funny. He's a really good big brother too. Watch and you'll see him stop to adjust her airbag (a.k.a. pillowpet) in case she goes forward too hard. He was so excited to have her ride with him and even let her control the radio... part of the time.

Emery because she is just doing so many new things every day. She wanted to ride in this truck so bad. We were hesitant just because it can be jerky with the starting and stopping, but we seat-belted her in a took a chance. I'm so glad we did because they had a great time. She giggled and talked the whole time they were in it. She even waves goodbye at one point without me prompting her... too cute!

These are the things that make the hard days worth it. I so needed the smiles this evening!

****I am grateful for
1) super awesome fantastic weather!
2) the monster truck
3) our super awesome fantastic Molly Dog
4) new adventures
5) joy rides ;o)


Stacy E. said...

I love this! Look at how much fun they're having together.

Chase is an AWESOME big brother!! And Emery is having a blast! (I caught the wave too---cute!) And Molly just rocks!

Can't help but smile looking
at these two precious
little kid-os!;o)

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