Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gonna party like it's 1999!

Princess Emery's party is fast approaching and I'm not even a wreck yet (check back next Friday evening). I'm going to pick up supplies tomorrow, her party outfit is ready, pink castle moonwalk is rented, little moonwalk is ready for the babies, cake is picked out, custom decorations are ready to go, food ideas are done and just waiting to be bought. All in all, I think it's coming along nicely. Now to get the house in order and we'll be good. Although I did decide that I'm not going to kill myself getting it perfectly clean. Our house is lived in and it shows, if someone doesn't like that, they don't need to come. ;o) Even the weather seems to be ready to cooperate, knock on wood, and there is no rain in the forest and a high in the low 80's... is going to be perfect! Tonight I even worked on party favors for the girls - hot pink, black, and white tulle wands! I had never made one before, but I think it turned out great and was really simple. I'm very pleased with it and will make some more tomorrow. Just have to figure out how many I need and what I'm going to do for the boys. Any ideas? I was thinking maybe those foam swords or something. Jeff was a little leery of the swords because he was afraid they'd fight, but we wouldn't hand them out until the party was over, lucky parents! ;o) Here's a couple of pics of the wand. What do you think?

***I am grateful for
1) adorable tulle princess wands!
2) party favors that aren't a bunch of junk
3) learning new things
4) spectacular weather
5) being calm (so far)


Kelley said...

they are cute. The kids and I will be at the party. For some reason I thought it was the 23rd. Glad I read your post or we would have missed it. See you next week!

Stacy E. said...

You did a great job! I'm glad you're having fun planning everything for Ms. Emery's big day! I know it will be wonderful! Holler at me if you need help! :-)