Monday, October 25, 2010

I know, I'm horrible.

Hello, is there anybody out there? Seriously? Anyone? I know that I have been a horrible blogger lately and for that I am truly sorry, but really it doesn't seem like I've been getting many comments which leads me to believe that I'm alone and therefore have no one to blog for. There, how about that for whiny.

Actually, we've just been busy. Same old excuse, but it is what it is. I do have stuff to blog about. For instance, Chase just earned a new belt in karate and is now only three belts away from his Tiny Tiger "black" belt. I have videos of him kicking the snot out of a board and rockin' the whole testing thing. To bad my flip is who knows where at the moment. Guess I'll have to post those later.

Or I could talk about how I gave in and got an 4 and now feel like an idiot because my phone is smarter than me. Again, seriously. It really is. It's actually almost scary. Everyone tells me I'll love it and wonder how I ever lived without it, but so far I'm just not feeling it. I'll give it a week. Perhaps if they'd had a pink/black cover I'd love it more. ;o) I'll put that on the to get list for when I have $60 to blow. Which is another vent, are they crazy charging these prices? It's a recession people!

On a totally different note, Chase is in love with the phone and has figured out more on it than I have. I'm going to claim it's because he's been hijacking his aunt and uncle's iPh.ones for the past year and not because he is just better at that kind of stuff. ;o) And on another different note, my very generous mother just gave Jeff her iP.od touch because she never used it. He is as bad about that as Chase is the new phone. Starting to wonder if the new will ever wear off.

I could also talk about how we found out at the pedi today that Chase's remaining tube has come out on it's own.. yeah!!!! But then again, not yeah because he already has a, "raging" ear infection.... boo!!!!! Boy didn't even complain, I only knew he had it because it was draining. Good God he has a high pain tolerance.

I'm sure there's a ton of other stuff I could talk/ramble on about, but I'll be honest. I'm old, tired, and even though it's only Monday, I feel like the week has already picked me up, smacked me around a few times, and thrown me to the ground. So, instead I think I'll call it a night and crawl into bed (who am I kidding, that would require me getting out of this chair).

***I am grateful for
1) Monday is over
2) a nice weekend
3) that windy weather today, made the 91 degrees more bearable (speaking of 91 degrees, Dear Mother Nature, in case you forgot, it's fall)
4) Chase is on an antibiotic
5) at least the tube came out on it's own :o)


Amber said...

I'm here!! I've been a bad blogger, too.

You'll love the new iPhone in no time. My hubby has it. I don't want one since I spend enough time on the eyes need the rest. lol!!

Hope Chase is feeling better soon!