Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Could we squeeze any more fun into one day?

Last Saturday Daddy had to work so the kids and I decided to go on a playdate to 7 Acre Woods with some friends and have a little fun.

There was putt-putt golf.

Walking in the pumpkin patch.

A petting zoo, Emery wasn't sure what to think.

This little guy took Chase's entire feed cone, Chase was NOT happy.

A "train."

Swings, she really did like it, must have been in deep thought here.

Cozy Coupes (she loves this, I'm thinking Christmas present!)

Playhouses (Santa will DEFINITELY be getting her one of these). She must have opened and shut the shutters a zillion times!

Ponies to love on. This is Goldie, she's 9.

This is Scout, he's 5.

Ponies to ride.

After we were tuckered out and someone was ready for her nap, we headed home for a bit. After a nap and some lunch, we were off again to a local Fall Festival. We even got to wear our costumes.

Tinkerbell! We got soooo many comments on this, it was insane! I even had people follow us to ask about it! Maybe I need to make these and sell them next year!

Chase dug for treasure!

And he made a noddle necklace.

Smiling for Daddy, since he didn't get to come with us.

We sure missed Daddy, but we managed to have a great day and make it go by pretty fast. I'm pretty sure we couldn't have packed anymore into it even if we had tried!

****I am grateful for
1) weekends
2) a Daddy that's willing to work extra to take care of his family
3) Fall Festivals
4) parks
5) friends to do fun things with


M and M Mommy said...

What a great day! I LOVE Emery's outfit-and Chase's too!

You are so good at taking pictures to capture the memories!