Monday, April 5, 2010

Princess Emery is 25 weeks old!

Sweet Princess Emery,

Today you are 25 weeks old, only one more week until you are six months! How did that happen so quickly??? I look at you and you seem to be growing every single day, it amazes me.

This week you made a huge accomplishment, you can now sit on your own like a big girl! Sure it doesn't always last very long because you'll lose your balance and topple over, but it's cute while it lasts! You are very proud of yourself too. Such a cutie.

We also celebrated your first Easter and you looked adorable! You didn't actually get to hunt for eggs, but you sure enjoyed watching your big brother hunt for them. You also liked playing with all of your cousins. You think they are hilarious and can't wait to get down and run with them.

We love you Sweet Emery!

~ Mommy

***I am grateful for
1) tiny toenails
2) big girls
3) sitting up
4) belly laughs
5) my Little Princess


Stacy E. said...

Happy 25th week birthday, Princess Emery! You are getting so big...sitting up all by yourself! You are a cutie from your pretty bow down to your little pink toenails! Your mommy always dresses you in the most adorable outfits, too! Such a beautiful little girl!

---Aunt Stacy

The One and Only Chelle said...

Happy 25th week birthday! These pictures are so good! You really know how to work a camera!