Monday, April 19, 2010

Princess Emery is 6 months 1 week old!

Princess Emery,

Look who's a big girl now in her big girl carseat! I seriously can't believe you are big enough for us to move you out of your infant carrier, but you are. In fact, not only are you big enough, you pretty much insisted on it every time we put you in it. You were tired of being in close quarters and were ready to move on up. Of course we went for the and the cowmooflage once again, but only the best/safest for my baby girl (yes, I know they are all safe, but this is what we like the best and feel the safest in)! You still protest a little when we buckle you in, but I really think you just have a mind of your own and don't like being confined. Really, who can blame you? In the long run, look at that smile - I say baby likes!!

You went to a birthday party on Saturday and were quite the party animal. OK, maybe you snuck a little nap in, but you did enjoy being out and about when you were awake. I absolutely adore your chubby cheeks and you look so precious when you are asleep... and awake for that matter.
Today you had your six month check up and you are doing great! You are up to 17.2 pounds (50-75%) and 26 inches long (90%). You are getting so big! Here is your token band aide shot below. They actually gave your shots a little on the outside so you can really only see one of the band aides here. You still are NOT a fan of shots (neither are Mommy and Daddy). On the down note, you have your third ear infection. It's your right ear again too, just like last time. You had been congested a little and they told us to wait and just get it checked when we came in today. They think the cold is actually the culprit of the ear infection as you showed no other signs. No fever, no pulling on your ear, not cranky. Looks like you are following in your brother's footsteps on this. :o( Needless to say from here on out anytime you get a "cold" we'll be going in to get your ears checked. I'm afraid that tubes will be in your future my sweet baby girl.

I still really can't believe how fast time is going. You are such a blessing my precious little girl and I'm so thankful to have you in our lives. You and your brother were so worth the waits, but I have say that I'm glad the waiting is over and you're in my arms now!

I love you with all I am Emery and I always will,
~ Mommy

***I am grateful for
1) antibiotics to get Emery's ear infection taken care of
2) a pedi I trust
3) 6 months shots are over!
4) Monday is over, only 5 more Mondays of school left (because we are off Memorial Day)!
5) a delicious dinner


Jennifer said...

Aww! I love the one in the love bib...her little legs are so chunky! I just wanna squeeze em! :)