Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm pretty sure it's a sign that you're too tired when...

two times in less than two weeks you end up at work with two different shoes on. Not saying this happened to me or anything, but if it did then I would say it was because 1) they looked a lot alike, 2) they were both the same brand of tennis shoes, 3) they were close in color, and 4) I am really, really tired. You know, IF this had happened to me. ;o) (At least no one noticed... heck, I didn't even notice until I got home the first time and the second time I didn't notice until recess in the afternoon. Let's just say the two pairs are now separated so it won't happen again.)

***I am grateful for
1) shoes
2) my reasons for being tired
3) little things that go unnoticed!
4) thunderstorms
5) fresh cut grass