Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bedrest after ET poll

Just a quick note to tell everyone that voted in the bedrest after ET (egg transfer) poll thanks! My RE is pretty strict and says three days of complete bedrest after transfer. In their opinion that translates into laying flat on your side, stomach, or back and only getting up to pee. Ick. It is tough! I've read that there is no evidence that bedrest improves anything so I was really curious to see what others did. It turns out that the majority of you do two days of bedrest. Seems fair to me!

With Chase I did three strict days and we got pg. On IVF #2 and #3 I did three strict days and nada. On IVF #4 I did 2 days of strict and then spent most of day three a little propped up because I just couldn't lay anymore and we got pg w/the twins. So I really think that while it can't hurt, it's not necessary to be completely flat. This time I plan on spending most of the time propped up on the couch watching Mamma Mia and all my other girly movies.

Hoping everyone had a fantastic weekend, we went nonstop and I'm exhausted!!! Last week was rough at school and I'm really hoping this week goes better! I can't wait for Friday night, I'm so excited about Rod.ney!!!

***I am grateful for
1) a good weekend
2) we got to see Duchess and Mads today
3) Chase went to sleep easy last night and tonight!
4) We've almost made it to retrieval
5) I'm finally putting my feet up for the day!


Anonymous said...

Wow! It's been a big week for you and there is a HUGE week ahead! Praying for everything to go just beautifully for you and happy for you that you get to go to the concert!

This is an exciting, exciting time and I am glad you have such an awesome support system at school and your RE office--IVF may not be a picnic, but it sure helps when you have the blessing of really thoughtful and helpful and supportive people! So glad you are having that!

Rock on and Rock Out with Mama Mia!


AmandaHoyt said...

I'm so excited for you, Kahla!
I'm praying for a great next few days for you.
Many hugs and prayers,

Katie said...

I did one day of bedrest and then I went back to work, however I sat at my desk all day with my feet up.

Good luck!