Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today was one of those days that I couldn't help but ask...

I got out of bed for this? I am not a morning person. Once I'm awake I'm usually good, but the dragging my butt out of bed and forcing my eyeballs open sucks. I actually work less than two miles from our home and when we were childless this was awesome. I had to be at work at 8 so I could roll out of bed around 7:30ish and be there with time to spare. Now obviously I much prefer having our son and would not wish to be in those old shoes again, but since Chase joined the Larson clan that changed my mornings dramatically. His sitter is only 8 miles north of us, but it tacks on a good 30 minutes to my morning commute (of course getting a tea from Sonic does account for about 5 of those minutes but some things are a necessity). Plus we now have to be at work at 7:45 thanks to our extended day so between losing 15 minutes for that and the 30 minutes for commuting I'm now looking at an additional 45 minutes. Now factor in getting Chase up and ready, you're looking at a good hour plus. Gone are the mornings of getting up at 7:30 with not a care in the world!

I thought we had plenty of time this morning, but a missing dinosaur and a jacket that was supposed to be with those other pants (what was I thinking) and a cup of milk that needed to be saved... well plenty of time quickly turned in to leaving a good 5 minutes later than we should have. Then we get on the curvy one lane road that goes to Ms. Linda's only to realize that the 18 wheeler in front of us (who is only on the road to skip the weigh station, I'm sure) has no intentions of going anywhere near the speed limit. Grrrr. Finally make it to Ms. Linda's and back on the road. So much for being to work on time.

Get to work, go to bathroom, look way harder than any sane and normal person should to see if AF has arrived and find two tiny pink spots. Had I not been searching, I wouldn't have seen them. Call RE's and get set up to go in tomorrow for d2 bloodwork and ultrasound. Of course my heart is broken because I actually let myself start thinking that maybe I had gotten knocked up all on our own. Why would I do that? Over 7 years and on BCPs... I'm an idiot. Post a blog post about AF and go back to teaching wild-cat children.

Lunch arrives, I run to the bathroom expecting AF to actually be here and nothing. In fact probably less than nothing because that paper was whiter than white. Figure AF is playing around and surely will be here this afternoon. Check after school, negative. Call RE's office, explain situation, cancel appointment, delete blog post, stupid heart starts thinking... hey, what if you're knocked up again. WTH? Why do I do that?

Hurriedly clean up room so it only looks like a small tornado blew through and get home for karate class. Chase is cranky but is going along with putting karate outfit on so I'm thinking were good. Doorbell rings, neighbor kid wants to play, Chase has meltdown. Decided karate blows along with the rest of life and refuses to participate in class. Totally obnoxious karate mom (OKM) makes life 100x worse by thinking she can solve all of the worlds problems and get Chase to participate at the same time. I really don't like her. I had to tell her three separate times that 1) he was just mad about what happened at home 2) he is not scared of the actual class (he's a pissed off three year old) and 3) you're making it worse! OKM still didn't get it! Class ends, I go to take off Chase's belt since they are not to wear them outside the building and THEN he wants to do karate. Screaming fit ensues, total meltdown in vehicle, and a major headache for Mommy (and Daddy).

Get home tired, cranky, and pretty much just in a super bad mood. Get a call from Duchess who sounds horrible and says she is finally thinking of going to the doctor... good idea. I say I'm worried she will get pneumonia and she tells me my 86 year old grandfather has it right now. GREAT! I'm telling you, I'm to the point where I'm definitely asking myself, "I got out of bed for this?" Surely tomorrow will be better.

**I am grateful for
1) my uncle happens to be in town so he is taking care of Duchess
2) Duchess is finally going to the Dr (even if I have to go to Houston and take her)
3) Tomorrow is Friday
4) this day is almost over
5) my awesome cousin, Randi, is working on Chase's birthday party invites!


AmandaHoyt said...

Glad your post came back :) As I said a few minutes ago - it has to get better this next year...praying for miracles.
Hugs and prayers,
P.S. TGIF (almost)!!

Teresa said...

I'm sorry girl! I bet you were sort of hoping that those 2 tiny pink spots were implantation spotting huh? That's what I would be hoping never know though ;) Hey we gotta keep hoping or what else do we have?

Katie Baker said...

I know this probably wasn't meant to be funny, but I had to chuckle (a little). I can totally relate. It's like one thing after another. You poor thing. I hate when they have those days. The ones where nothing can make things better. Still thinking about you...a lot. Praying, praying and praying some more!!!!

Peggy C. said...

Okay, the aide is getting to me..... I HAVE to know who she is. Please fill me in. Email it to me.... something. By the way, to post a comment you have to type in a word verfication, mine today is PREGGIES. Maybe this is your year! Well, no maybe to it, girl, this IS your year!!!!