Friday, January 23, 2009

Finally Friday!

I am so glad it's Friday! I swear that the short weeks always seem longer for some reason... wonder why that is. At my appointment this morning it was looking like we'd trigger on Sunday night, retrieve on Tuesday, and transfer on Friday or Sunday. I was a little bummed w/this because as I stated before I really wanted to go to Rod.ney Carring.ton with Jeff on Friday. Well plans changed after Dr. G reviewed my bloodwork and now I'm going to stim through Sunday, go in Monday morning and most likely trigger that night. That means ER will be Wed. and ET will be Sat/Mon! Wooohoo!!!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend (although I'm sure I'll be back before then)!

**I am grateful for
1) stimming through Sunday
2) when schedules work out
3) all my peeps that are covering so I can make it to my appointments
4) my girls at the RE, they are always rooting me along
5) TGIF!!!!


AmandaHoyt said...

I'm praying that this is the one, Kahla! :)
Many hugs and prayers,

bb said...

Hi, it sounds like we will be will be on the same schedule. If all goes well with my Monday appt I am also supposed to have ER on Wed and ET on the next Sat or Monday. Best of luck to you! I can't wait to find out what happens.

Michelle said...

I am happy you get to go. I am praying for you!

InfertileMadWoman said...

Good luck sweetie!!! Maybe you will get a little more time out of those guys!! The indecision of stimming is the thing I hate the most!! You never know when you are gonna do the ER... hang in there!!