Monday, January 19, 2009

Are you freaking kidding me? (warning: this is a hormone induced rant)

I am so very thankful for the awesome person that donated some meds to me and for my clinic that also donated some meds to me. That combined with what I had leftover from IVF#4 was almost enough to get me through this cycle... until my meds were upped today. Then I was more short that I originally was. Biting the bullet we went ahead and had the Rx called into Free.dom since I pretty much had no other choice... ok, I had no other choice. For 3 days worth of Repro.nex which is just one of my daily shots the total came to $593.10. Can you believe that? $593.10 for three days!!!! OMG! You know it does not cost that much to manufacture these meds! I had to hold back laughter when she asked if we would be charging this to insurance. Obviously she has not dealt with the BCBS I have. Sadly no, we have no insurance coverage so it was all out of pocket. IF sucks.

This leads me to yet another rant about how mad I get when people whine over the price of cribs and diapers, etc. Hello, I'm already starting off $40,000 in the hole so quit your whining. While you are paying for diapers and booties, I'm writing $400 worth of checks every month for IVFs that didn't work or did and we lost the babies. Blah. Maybe they'd like a bite out of them apples. *sigh*

Going back and reading this I sound pretty pissy, but I just hate that this has to be so hard. I told Jeff we just need to take our wedding rings off, go to a bar, get drunk, and hook up for a one night stand. Then I'd get knocked up. ;o) He didn't go for it.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and a good day off if you were off today. I was and loved it. Guess it's back to the grindstone tomorrow. And to end on a good note I have at least 10 follies on one side, a handful on the other, and my lining is already nice and thick. So I guess even though they upped my meds, something must be going right. I'm up to 225 Folli.stim in the a.m. and 225 Repro.nex in the p.m. Sure seems like a lot to me, I'll have to get more information at my next appointment on Wednesday. I'm guessing ER will be early next week.

***I am grateful for
1) Reservations for Chase's bday party are made
2) today was a good day with the Doodlebug
3) awesome weather
4) a four day week!
5) Jeff had a good camping trip


Michelle said...

I know this is so unfair! I hate it too! Thank you for such nice comments. ((HUGS))

Teresa said...

Wow dude. The best medicine for this is literally putting some serious ex lax... in that person that whines about the costs of diapers and cribs... brownies and watch them endure misery while you bask in pleasure. So unfair.

Chelle said...

Rant away! I have BCBS too and I know exactly how you feel! Insurance coverage for IVF? HA! That'll be the day!

Rant away, Rant away!

Peggy C. said...

I know somewhere you are sitting down just waiting for my post..... LoL!!! Just take a deep breath and stay positive. I believe a wise man once said, "You must pray like you believe it already came true, then it will be true", who was that guy? Oh right, Jesus!!! Hang in there lady, if you need me, you know where I am.