Wednesday, August 27, 2008

23 6/7 year olds is enough to make you CRAZY

Today was the first official day of school and every year I forget just how tough it is in the beginning. I swear it's like retraining the troops! They are still such babies. They don't know how to line up at the bathroom, they don't know how to write their own names (well at least they don't do it with the letters facing the right way), they don't know to stay in their seats, to raise their hands to talk, to whisper, to blow their noses, to tie their shoes, to read... are you getting the picture yet? At of the end of the day I had 23 first graders. Have you ever tried to corral 23 6/7 year olds? OMG! Good news is that we are going to get another teacher to help with the high numbers, bad news is that 1) we are still registering kids and 2) we won't get the new teacher until maybe next week... ack! I really think that I could probably go get in bed and sleep for the next 24 hours, I am so stinking tired.

**I'm grateful for
1) this is a short school week
2) this weekend is a 3 day weekend, so next week is short too!
3) I didn't cry one single time today! I came close, but I didn't... progress!
4) Chase made me a Princess crown tonight out of glow necklaces, it was beautiful!
5) the first day of school is over and all my kids got home safe... SW-EET


kristi said...

WOW! That is a lot of kids for one person!

Katie Baker said...

Do they go to all day kindergarten? I'm surprised they don't know how to do more of those things. Our kids are reading at the end of kindergarten and I can't imagine first graders not being able to write their first names. Yikes!! I always look at our first graders and see how great they are in the hall and at the restrooms and I'm so jealous. I always have to remind myself that my kids will be there in time!!! The beginning is always so hard. I always forget! Hope things get better for you.