Saturday, July 26, 2008

Such a BIG Boy!

Chase was such a big boy today, today was the first day that he wore his "big boy" underwear all day long with no accidents!!! We went to the mall, rode the carousel, went with Duchess to get her hair cut, went to Chick.Fil.a, went to Kohls, and out to dinner, so it was a full day... did I mention he had NO accidents and he was in "big boy" underwear all day???? I am such a proud Mommy!!! My baby is growing up!

***I am grateful for
1) a wonderful day
2) spending time with Duchess, Chase, and Mads
3) Chase being such a big boy
4) no accidents!
5) that it's time to go to bed!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Chase!!! Big boy indeed! WTG!!! That is a humongous accomplishment to say the very least! Oh lord please let us BOTH know the joy of not spending 15.00 on pull ups very soon!

Anonymous said...

(Courtney) Wow, that is a huge accomplishment! Way to go Big Boy Chase!!!!!! A.A. made me laugh with her heartfelt plea that M will soon be joining Chase in this big kid zone!!! :-)

The new blog look is gorgeous, by the way. LOVE the borders and such!

kristi said...

I was never so happy as when TC finally potty trained at 3 in a freaking 1/2. LOL!