Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mr. Handsome

Today Chase got his new glasses and I must say, he looks so handsome! We didn't pick them up until this afternoon, but he has done so well since getting them. When we picked them out we decided against the kind that wrapped around his ear because they looked terribly uncomfortable and Chase absolutely hated them. Instead we went with a regular pair and then today they bent them enough that they would stay on without a big hassle. I really don't know how to tell if he sees better with them because I never knew he had a problem before. I mean it's not like he was running into walls or acted like he couldn't see. I keep telling myself that he has good vision, it's just blurry. Because really, how the heck do you tell in a 3 year old?? We also went ahead and ordered him a pair of prescription sunglasses because for now, he has to wear his glasses all the time. Since he's like me and hates the sun in his eyes, the sunglasses were a must! I think I'm going to be paying on these glasses forever!

IVF #4 Update: When I went in for my ultrasound/blood work we counted at least 8 follicles on one side and then saw several on the other. I have one side that is pretty tough to see, so she only measured one. They all measured around 10 or 11mm and they like to see them at 14 by this point, so I was a wreck. I guess my blood work looked good though because I'm staying on the same dose and going back in on Friday morning. I am out of one of my meds, so I'll change to an equivalent that I have (remember we take whatever we can get since we are self-pay). Good news is that it'll do the same thing, bad news is I'm going from a tummy shot to a hip shot and those suckers hurt... and have the 1 1/2 inch needles... ugh! Oh well, it could be worse! I am trying so hard not to stress and focus on this, but boy is it tough! I keep telling myself, it's in God's hands, trust in him!

**I am grateful for:
1) Chase's glasses
2) the prayers we're recieving
3) the short line at the DMV today!
4) our home
5) another IVF hurdle crossed!!!!!!!!


Katie Baker said...

Oh my gosh...he looks adorable in those glasses. Handsome indeed! I'm sending lots of prayers your way. If you need anything please let me know!

kristi said...

He is a cutie pie.

I hope the IVF works for you. :)

Stephanie said...

First - Chase looks just plain adorable. Those glasses are so stinkin cute - love them! On IVF -that is a lot of follies ;) Grow baby grow - and I hope you get wonderful news on the 4th! They could not see much at all on my left side during any of the ultrasounds and it ended up being the big egg producer - you never know. I am praying for you!