Friday, July 11, 2008

ER Update!

We got the call this afternoon from our nurse that the final count is 12, well really she said, "Did they tell you how many they got?" And I said, "They said 12 with one more vial to go." Then she said, "Yep." So, I'm assuming the final number is 12. She then went on to say that we are going to aim for a 5d (5 day) transfer. A 5d transfer!!!! We've never made it to a 5d transfer before, so I am super excited! I know that it all depends on how many fertilize (which I may not find out tomorrow since it's the weekend... ugh) and how they are doing, but right now things are definitely looking fantastic!

**I am grateful for:
1) the possibility of a 5d transfer
2) prayers being answered
3) the weekend!
4) hugs
5) kisses


Josie said...

What fabulous news. I am so glad for the 3 of you. All our fingers are crossed and we are sending prayers from Indiana. Let me know when you find out on the fert report. And in case you are too busy this weekend.... Happy Birthday!

Stephanie said...

Rock On! A 5 day transfer would be great. What a wonderful early birthday present. Happy Birthday and so glad your transfer went well!

crayonmommy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YAY for the good news! Praying and crossing everything I can cross! :)