Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dare I say the words... Potty Trained???

I almost hesitate to say it for fear of jinxing us, but it looks as if Chase is day-time potty trained! We have just completed day #4 (yes, you read that right) of all-day in big boy underwear with not one.single.accident! I am so excited!! Chase has been such an easy weaner from the pacifier and the bottle that I was just waiting for something to hit that would be a total nightmare. We decided with the potty training to let him take the lead and although we have encouraged it, we have worked very hard to not make him feel like a baby or guilty for wearing pull-ups. It seems to have worked. He had been doing great with pooping in the potty since about May, but he would still pee in his pull-up at the drop of a hat. He was more than happy to use the potty, he was just more than happy to use his pull-up too. We had bought him big boy underwear several months ago, but he just wasn't interested. I guess something has clicked though because the last four days he has done spectacular! I am so proud of him!!!

(And yep, pregnancy test this morning still reads, "pregnant"... I'm a nut, I know! I have blood work tomorrow, I pray our numbers are good... I know they will be!)

**I am thankful for
1) big boy underwear
2) no accidents in 4 whole days!
3) Chase's good eye doctor appointment today
4) my husband that is just so darn cute and such a good daddy!
5) My big boy Chase and our baby on the way!


Anonymous said...

**YEAH Chase**! If I could get Madison thru the night with out an accident (on a more regular basis) I would be SO excited, but at this point, not changing diapers during the day is OK with me! Potty trained kids is the tops!! This is great news for you since you dont want to change double the diapers/pull ups in the future...although you STILL might...pssst..thats me hinting at TWO babies (wink)