Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Absolutely miserable.

I have never felt this way in any of my previous 3 IVFs. I feel miserable, absolutely miserable. I'm also fighting off some kind of URI and have been running a fever, so I'm sure that is not helping. At my ultrasound yesterday my ovaries were practically laying right on top of eachother and are huge. I woke up every hour last night to pee and look 4 months pregnant. It's awful. I hope I haven't overstimmed. When my nurse called to give me my trigger time I told her how miserable I was and she said that having as many eggs as I do, that was normal. Ugh. I go in for my egg retrieval at 7:30 on Friday (they'll call to confirm the time tomorrow). Thank God my friend Stacy was here today to help out with Chase because I don't think I could have done it on my own. I will say Chase has been a doll and is so concerned about me. He just cuddles right up and asks me if I'm feeling better. He is so sweet. I just keep telling myself it will be so worth it when we get that BFP!

I am grateful for:
1) Stacy, what would I do w/o her!
2) That in 48 hours I will be done with my ER!
3) My sweet Chase
4) watermelon, seems to be the only thing that sounds good right now!
5) the quiet evening


Stephanie said...

Oh - I hope you are feeling some relief very soon. Sounds like it has been a rough couple of days. I am still praying for you and hope that you are already feeling better. Hope you get a whole lotta eggs in the morning ;) Glad your friend is there to help you too!