Thursday, July 24, 2008

A MEME (because why the heck not)

I've yet to do a MEME, even though I've seen some really cute ones. So to distract me and my mind going (am I pregnant, please Dear God let me be pregnant, am I pregnant, please Dear God let me be pregnant....) I'm going to swipe this one from Rooney's Blog.


What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was still in college, dating my now husband. I knew I was head-over-heels in love and that this was the man I was going to marry.

Favorite Snacks

string cheese & wheat thins
Ice Cold Sweet Tea
lately I am really liking Rice Crispy Treats

To Do List

I'm a To Do Lists kind of girl too and I almost always have one going!
Right Now:
- Go to the grocery store
- Oil change
- Transfer the last 4 months of info over to actual Calendar pages for Chase's book
- List some stuff on eBay
-Finish adding songs to my iPod because let's face it, "Kung Fu Fighting" 10 times in the same car ride is not so cool
-Finish and fold laundry
-Call a colleague to meet for lunch since I had to cancel right before my retrieval because I was so miserable

Jobs I Have Had

-Pet.Sma.rt Checker (hated it)
-Veterinary Technician (loved it)
-Administrative Assistant
-Manager at Rev.ere
-Clinic Assistant
-Public School Teacher

Places I Have Lived

Anchorage, Alaska (born and bred baby)
Houston, Texas
Brookhaven, Mississippi
Tuscon, Arizona
Conroe, Texas
Huntsville, Texas
Willis, Texas

Bad Habits

Big time nail biter, especially when I'm nervous, so as you can imagine they are BAD right now!
Worrying about everything
Driving too fast
Procrastination, I am so bad at times, I can procrastinate about procrastinating
Over-extending myself because I have a really hard time saying NO

5 Random Things People May Not Know

1. I was an identical twin, although my sister, Katie, passed away from SIDS when we were 6 weeks old. Can you imagine two of me.... scary! Although I wish she was here.

2. As mentioned above I was born in Alaska, but no I am not an Eskimo

3. My name, Kahla, is actually the original spelling of Kayla and pronounced the same. Kahla is from Kahla, Germany (look it up, beautiful place). My ancestors, The Kahla's, hailed from there.

4. I believe in signs. If you've seen Fools Rush In, you'll know what I mean.

5. I love to go to Wend.y's and get french fries and a chocolate frosty. Then I like to dip. YUM! I even have Jeff hooked.

CD's I Would Want If Stranded On An Island:

I would much prefer to just bring my iPod and have unlimited battery supply. Unfortunately it crashed not long ago and we are still trying to reload it. Some of my favorite songs on it right now are:
Meet with Me (Ted Shekenel - I think)
Hope Now (Addison Road)
Lose my Soul (Christian and Jeff's fave right now, can't think of the band)
It's Still Rock and Roll (Billy Joel)
Only the Good Die Young (Billy Joel)
Kung Fu Fighting (well, not a fave, but a must for my Doodlebug)
The Shrek 2 CD (I really like most of it)
CARS soundtrack (some more goodies)
Lots of Brad Paisley
Lots of Don Williams
Among so much more!

What I'd Do If I Were A Billionaire

Pay off my house
Pay off our parent's houses (well, I'd buy my mom one much closer to us!)
I'd buy me a new Tahoe because I heart mine, then I'd buy Jeff and big 'ol Ford King Ranch
Give, Give, Give because it feels so good!
Decorate our house since I have no money to do that
Pay off our debt, oh to have no debt
Oh, and I'd open the BIGGEST animal shelter in the world. (I'm so with Rhonda on this)
I would start a fund to help those w/out insurance coverage to be able to afford IVF
I would start a fund to help solve SIDS, it freaking terrifies me!
Then I'd give to Rhonda's stillbirth research, because that scares me too!
I'd make sure that my children (and my niece) were set financially, and their children, and their children, etc...

***I am grateful for:
1) freedom
2) the rain we finally got and hopefully will get more
3) the rainbow I saw our way home from swim class yesterday evening
4) seeing my mom yesterday!
5) seeing my mom again this weekend!


crayonmommy said...

Alaska? Wow! Never knew! :)

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww! Thanks for including Madison!!!! So sweet- hey I could add some stuff to your FIVE things....lemme just make a user name. J/K

kristi said...

I love that movie Fools Rush In!

Nice to learn some new things about you!