Monday, July 14, 2008

A Double Post of Sorts

I'll start out with the most important thing. We need prayers for our Doodlebug! On Friday we thought Chase got bit by an ant. On Saturday he woke up complaining and saying his leg hurt. Long story short we went to the pediatrician today and and Chase has developed a staph infection. Our pediatrician was pretty concerned and has started him on a strong antibiotic and he will need to be re-seen on Wednesday so they can remeasure the area (it's super red around it) and drain it. Chase is such a trooper, he's done really well. It is extremely sore to the touch and he is having a hard time putting all his weight on it. Our pedi was shocked he was walking at all. We are soaking it twice a day in salt baths and will skip swim class this week as an added precaution. Please pray that this heals quickly and does not get worse. I had a staph infection in 8th grade that was very, very bad and at one point life-threatening so they terrify me! TIA for the prayers you send!


Now how about an IVF update!?! I'm actually still pretty shocked and having a very difficult time believing this. In fact I almost feel as if I'm lying by posting it!! We did not receive a fertilization update this weekend and I have really been trying not to obsess since there is nothing I can do but pray our embies do well. I needed some refills of meds called in so I went ahead and called my clinic late this morning and figured I might as well ask about the report. Vicki, the office manager that rocks!, said she would have them fax the report over and call me as soon as she heard. I was ok with that and hung up to wait that lovely, nerve wracking, heart-pounding-every-time the phone rings wait. Turns out while I was upstairs calling on my cell phone that the surgical center had left a message on the home phone downstairs. Technically they were just calling to see how I was feeling and said they would call back, but I figured, what the heck I'd call them. After a little confusion as to who I was supposed to talk to I got the nurse on the phone and she told me that she didn't have the official paperwork but they had told her 12 had fertilized. 12?!?! 12?!??! 12 was all we had! That means 100% fertilization. I really thought that there must be a language barrier and a misunderstanding and that I'd get the "real" results when my clinic called me later.

A bit later my clinic did call just to verify which kind of progesterone oil I'd used in the past. Since I had MY nurse on the phone I went ahead and mentioned that we had never got a report but I was just trusting all was fine. HINT HINT. She kinda laughed it off and then said that she had actually just called them and even though she was waiting on the fax, they told her that 12 had fertilized. HOLY CRAP! 12?!?!? I mentioned that I was shocked to have 100% fertilization since 12 was what we had and she said that she didn't know what our total count had been, they had just told her it was over 10. Well heck, how many of those eggies did we have?!??!! She also went on to assure me that we've had a great cycle and 100% fertilization does happen, so it's possible. We've just never even come close, so I still can't believe this!!!!! Also, we are definitely a 5d transfer!!!! I feel that this is an awesome dream and that the bomb is going to drop any minute. Could this really be THE cycle that gives us a sibling for Chase?!?!?! I'm feeling pretty darn great about it, that's for sure!

***I am grateful for:
1) the fact I have access to medicine and that it will make my Doodlebug better!
2) a wonderful fertilization report
3) the prayers we'll receive
4) the healing that I know will happen
5) happy feelings!


kelley anderson said...

I'm sorry to hear about Chase. I will definitly send some prayers up for him.
As for the IVF, I am excited to hear everything is going so well. I am also praying for that your family will grow.

Kelly said...

Kahla - Thanks for checking out my blo! I LOVE how you list things you are grateful for at the end of every post. What a wonderful attitude you have! I hope your transfer goes wonderfully on Wednesday! :)

Stephanie said...

I will be praying for Chase - hope that those med's are already giving him some relief!
As far as IVF - That is AWESOME! I am so excited for yall and a 5 Day transfer ROCKS! Congrats!

Hokie said...

Hey - good for you and those embryos! That is wonderful!

I hope Chase is doing better already! If they haven't already they should try to do a wound culture to make sure they know if it is staph and if so what antibiotics will work best.

Best of luck to you!

Mommy Daisy said...

I will pray for little Chase. I hope he heals quickly.

And yeah for a dozen fertilized! Woo Hoo! Praying for that as well.

Rooney's Little Musings said...

Sorry to hear about Chase. I will be praying.

CONGRATS on the great report. I have been and will continue to pray for your ivf journey. I pray this will be the cycle!

kristi said...

Sorry about the infection.
WOO HOO! on the fertilization!!