Tuesday, February 24, 2009

U/S Update!

This is just a quick post from work today to let everyone know that we had our first ultrasound this morning and it looks like we are expecting one little pumpkin!!!! It was too early to see the heartbeat but we could clearly see the yolk sac and they were happy with what they saw. I'll go back on Thursdays and Tuesdays and they figure we'll see the heartbeat towards the end of next week. I'm 5w6d today and the pumpkin measured 8mm (which they said was right on track). I'm feeling better, but still anxious (I guess that's normal????)!


**I am grateful for
1) a great ultrasound
2) hopefully good numbers this afternoon (fear never ends)
3) the really, really bad cramps I had yesterday are gone
4) our little pumpkin
5) our big doodlebug!


Anonymous said...


Glad to hear that all is looking so good with your little pumpkin!!!

AND, you so rock for posting this so early in the day!! Thank you--I kept looking at your blog "just in case" and thinking that I just needed to be patient. But I tried one more time and...WOW!

I am elated to read this happy report and I know I am far from alone in the blogosphere in being excited to see this news!

Praying for increasing peace for you and for all to go just beautifully as your sweet little pumpkin grows and grows!


Peggy C. said...

I just have to say congrats again. I am too happy for you and yes you being anxious is normal!! I went through it three times!! Since my word verification has seemed to enlighten us through this whole trial you've gone through, I should tell you today it is "moment". So with that, just take in this moment: the relief, the pride, the love for your little pumpkin. Things are going to be A-O-K!

Becky G. said...

WOO HOO!! I've been stalking your post all day waiting for an update. Congrats on your sweet little pumpkin. I remember the day of my first ultrasound... do you? There were 2 perfect peanuts in there and it was the best day ever. Then, do you remember 2 u/s later and there were 3 heartbeats?!?! I hope everything continues to go well and your numbers soar and your hips continue to hurt.
Hugs and Kisses from the cold state of PA!


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Teresa said...

I'm such a bad friend. I should've taken 2 seconds and congratulated you when I first read you were preggers but I didn't and I'm sorry! Sooooo YAY! There are no words to explain the joy I am feeling for you and your family. Congrats mama!

Mary said...

Whoo hoo!! That's awesome Kahla. I can't wait for you to see that hb:)

I'm always anxious so, yes, it's normal, lol.

AmandaHoyt said...

That is so awesome, Kahla! Congrats!!!

Many hugs and prayers,

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

great news! congrats on the babe!

Aspiemom said...

Congratulations, Kahla! That's wonderful!

Michelle said...

Congratulations on your 1 pumpkin!

The Amazing Trips said...

KAHLA!! Congratulations, that is such awesome news!!! My word verification is LACTO >> so I assume that falls in with lactate, as in - something you will be doing very soon!! I'm so happy for y'all and am thinking good, good thoughts.

Thanks so much for adding our button to your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Just a Saturday hello to wish you a restful and refreshing weekend and to let you know I am thinking of you and your family and praying for your little pumpkin.

Is your next ultrasound this Tuesday or Thursday? (I thought I'd read in your update that you'd be going in on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

Hope the news just continues and continues to reassure!