Friday, February 6, 2009

Chase's Party Invite

My rockin' cousin, Randi, once again came to our rescue and made Chase's birthday party invitations. Chase has been set on the theme since last year and all I can say is this girl has some serious talent. This is our third year in a row that she has made our invitations and we have never been disappointed. In return for the invites, we pay their gas to come to the party from MS, which totally rocks because 1) we get to see them and 2) we get super invites!

We are looking at starting a business so if you need invites, just let me know and we can work out a deal! Would you like to guess the theme for this year's party????

Just click on the invite to see the invite in all it's glory. Isn't it totally awesome??!??!?!? And yes, it's a Buzz Lightyear theme just in case you couldn't tell! *wink*

**I am grateful
1) four days of the waiting down (it is four, right)
2) TGIF!
3) great weather at recess today
4) a delicious Mexican dinner w/my boys and Aunt Stacy
5) the weekend, gotta love it


bb said...

That invite is incredible!!

And yes, 4 days are x'd off my calendar ;-)

Michelle said...

Wow that is a GREAT INVITE! He is going to have a fun party!

Peggy C. said...

Awesome invite. I love making the girls' myself. I think they are much more personable. I'll mark it on the calendar if you'll have us?! Since it would be our first one, we'll never know if this is the second... third.... or even fourth time to use the theme! LOL. Then in April, he can come to Lexie & Billy's Pixie & Pirate party! Hope things are going well.