Monday, February 16, 2009

The "official" BETA and a Molly update!

Molly went to the vet and almost $200 later it turns out that she has either sprained her ACL or has partially ripped it. She's got good meds, instructions to rest, and no jumping/running for two weeks (that should be a challenge) and then she should be back to her regular awesome self! Thank God it wasn't worse!!

I had my "official" beta today and my number came back at 569! That's a doubling rate of 36ish hours! I was told the number is GREAT and I'll go back on Wednesday for more bloodwork. I'll keep going M/W/F and then they'll wean me down. I'm guessing I'll get an ultrasound some time next week. I can't wait!!! We are both scared, but so happy!!!

I'm gonna throw up a poll for everyone to guess if it's one or two (I'll limit it at two since that's what we transferred)! Sending lots of good luck vibes out to all the gals going through ER/ET/BETA's and hoping to hear good news!

**I am grateful for
1) Molly is going to be just fine!
2) rising numbers
3) a great day!
4) inservice (still work, but still almost like a day off)
5) I'll be five weeks on Wednesday!


Mommy Daisy said...

Yay for Molly being OK. And WOO HOO for great test results. I can't wait to hear more good things in the days/weeks/months to come for you.

Michelle said...

Im happy to hear Molly is ok and jumping up and down for the great Beta! Yay!!!!

The Patterson's said...

I know exactly what you are going through with your dog. Our lab tore her ACL last fall and had surgery in October. Hope Molly won't have to go through that!

Congrats on the great Beta!! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hope Molly is cooperating with the recovery regime and so glad to hear she is o.k.

AND, in honor of the first "official" Beta results, here is my first "official" congratulations!!!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! (that is my first OFFICIAL squeal of excitement and joy!)

Wishing you and ALL your sweeties (J, fur baby and the babies in and out of your tummy) all the best!


Kim said...

Yay! When is your u/s? I will be thinking of Molly...Nahla tore both her ACL's this past couple of years and both needed surgery. Poor little girl..

Chelle said...

That is great that Molly is better.

YAY for a great beta!!

Jen @ Amazing Trips said...

QUADS!! I'll bet that they both split!! Oh, I'm kidding!! I'm just praying that whether there is one or two, they are HEALTHY.

I've got to tell you, I must have come back at least six times to your blog yesterday to show the kids pictures of Molly dressed as Buzz Lightyear. You have no idea how happy that made them. Although, it also made them a little sad because we had a dog Molly and now they want her back so that they can dress HER up as Buzz.

So give your Molly a big hug from us. All of us. :)

Sarah said...


SO excited for you!