Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Breaking the Board

Last night Chase tested for his yellow-stripe belt at Tang Soo Do. Since I was on bedrest I wasn't able to make it so Jeff took lots of video and pictures for me. His regular instructor is Miss. Sophia, however Master Don (the owner) came from their other location to administer the tests. While they are in Tiny Tigers the testing is mostly a follow-our-lead kinda thing and fairly simple. Chase is the youngest student in his class and I was terrified he'd be super shy and not want to participate. Turns out after one minor moment that was quickly fixed when Master Don had Daddy come out on the mat to work along-side Chase, all went well. I have several more videos to upload, but here is the best one! Master Don is on the floor and Miss. Sophia can be seen on the left side helping coax Chase along. Note Chase does not have on his glasses, he refused to wear them at Tang Soo Do because a little boy there is obsessed w/them and Chase hates the attention. The video is Chase breaking a board with his foot. In practice they have always used a break-away board, but this was the real thing. Master Don even signed it and Chase got to bring it home. I tried to break it with my hands but it was totally not gonna happen. I was VERY impressed!

**I am grateful for
1) my Tiny Tiger
2) last day of bedrest!!!
3) email
4) my rockin' cousin, Randi, that did Chase's party invite (preview coming soon!!!)
5) sleeping in, haven't done it in ages until this morning.... so nice


momofonefornow said...

WTG Chase! That was cool. I have been thinking about sticking Josh into Karate. I think he needs an outlet.

Peggy C. said...

Awesome! How cute is he??? I can't wait till Jaymi starts. She's going to love it. I may even put Lexie in... if she's not too shy that is. I hope you enjoyed sleeping in because tomorrow its off to work you go!! Lol. Take care for the rest of the week lady and we'll see you around.

Anonymous said...

Too cute for words!

Michelle said...

Oh that is so great! Good For You Chase!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! That is too friggin cute!!

AmandaHoyt said...

That is so awesome! Way to go Chase!